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Dating Descriptions Big on Race

OKCupid releases data about how people describe themselves on dating websites



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    If you're Latino, you'll likely write merengue or familia. If you're black, you will probably write soul food or God fearing. Whites usually write Tom Clancy, Van Halen, and the Red Sox.

    Those are the terms that trend high among half a million OKCupid users when describing themselves on dating websites.

    OkCupid randomly selected 526,000 users and divided them into groups by their self-stated race.  The site then sifted through 280 million words in their profile essays and isolated the words and phrases that made each racial group statistically distinct.

    White males used terms like Tom Clancy, Van Halen, and golfing.  White female users used the Red Sox, Jodi Picoult, and boating.

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    Latinos use terms like merengue, bachata, and Colombian.  Latinas use merengue, familia, and bachata.

    Black males use terms like soul food, I am cool, and ESPN.  Black females use terms like soul food, the color purple, and god-fearing.

    Asian males like terms like Taiwan, I'm a simple guy, and Korea.  Asian females use coz, chocolates, and I'm a simple girl.

    The site also breaks down terms for Indians, Middle Easterners, and Pacific Islanders.