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Scary, Cheap and Fun: DIY Halloween Costumes



    Scary, Cheap and Fun: DIY Halloween Costumes
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    Cheap, fun Halloween - how you can make your costume for just dollars and win the costume contest.

    Halloween spending is second only to December. This year spending is expected to increase nearly 18 percent -- that's a total of $5.8 billion for costumes, candy and decorations. But how do you look your scary best on Halloween without breaking the bank?'s Julia Scott has some ideas for easy DIY projects to keep costs down. For instance, consider becoming a "Jackie-O-Lantern." Scott made the outfit for $2. Yes, it can be done. From home, Bargain Babe grabbed a black tailored jacket, black pants, a pearl necklace and red lipstick. She bought black round Jackie O style sunglasses and a pumpkin mask at the 99 Cent store. They were each $1.

    Outfit complete.

    Not into making the entire outfit? In that case, the Halloween store can be your best friend for accessories. At the Halloween Super Store in Sherman Oaks you can find costumes, masks, wigs and other accessories in all price ranges. Some toddler costumes have been cut to a discounted price of $5. For bigger kids and adults, a popular Halloween look this year is Avatar. You can buy Avatar ears and blue latex body paint. Total price: $20.

    Not your style? Then buy a bag of green balloons at the discount store. Blow them up (hot air is on you) and safety pin the balloons to a black shirt and black jeans. What are you? A bunch of grapes. Bargain Babe suggests doing this with a friend. One person can be red grapes and the other green. Plus, you can help each other with the pinning. The total price: $1.

    Another quick costume idea from Bargain Babe is "Cereal Killer." Save your cereal boxes, cut out pictures, cereal names and slogans. Safety pin them to a black outfit, buy a cheap plastic knife and mask at the Halloween store and your outfit is complete. Total price: anywhere from $5 to $25, depending on the cost of the mask. To save more, you could swap out the mask for face paint.

    Bargain Babe also has these final cost-cutting ideas in mind.

    1. Go to the Halloween store with a list and a budget. It's easy to over spend there. 
    2. Not sure what you want, then keep your wallet in the car. Walking back to the car will give you time to think about your purchase. 
    3. Look for coupons. Halloween stores are offering huge discounts to customers and schools.

    For more information on just click here. And for other Halloween Super Store locations click here.

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