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LA's Awkward Family Photos



    LA's Awkward Family Photos
    Yes, this user-submitted photo is now the desktop background of most NBC4 computers.

    On Thursday, we asked users to send in their awkward family photos. And so it began.

    By Friday afternoon, a pretty solid slideshow was starting to form. But we want more. So submit your awkward family photos and we'll feature them on

    And, yes, the best ones will make the NBC4 11 p.m. news.

    So what caused us to get so giddy about family pics, you ask? Well, for the last few weeks, we've been obsessed with

    The site highlights such classics as the very pregnant and very topless mother, a family who is really, really into crossbows, and the definition of big hair.

    Although we lack empirical data to back up this theory, we're confident LA is the headquarters of awkward family photos.

    So, send in your photos. Do it now. Seriously, your awkward family photos aren't posting themselves online.

    Click here to submit your awkward family photos to NBCLA.