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"Smash" Outreach Reaches Huntington Park

Program will build musical theater program from the ground up



    "Smash" Reaches Out to Huntington Park

    A program that will help schools build musical theater programs from the ground up has chosen an elementary school in Huntington Park for its first round of development. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012)

    If you look around Huntington Park, it's possible you might never think of musical theater. But if you listen carefully, you'd be surprised what you might hear these days.

    At Middleton Elementary School, kids who have dreams of acting, singing and dancing are getting a master class in making it big.

    A guy who's been there and done that is leading the charge.

    Timothy Allen McDonald decided to create a nationwide program that targets schools that might otherwise be overlooked.

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    McDonald's goal is to hit the youngsters with a spotlight of attention and encouragement, while teaching them the tricks of the trade.

    The program, called "I Theatrics," is working with 20 schools nationwide, and Middleton is one of them. 

    "I Theatrics" is partnering with NBC's new show "Smash," taking kids from first pose, to final curtain call. Their goal is just like the one in the show, to create a smash hit.

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    It didn't take long for the Huntington Park kids to get the idea. The cast members said it's the beginning of a dream they now feel is just a little bit closer to reality.

    McDonald won't be staying full time. But he and his "I Theatrics" team will be checking in during the semester to make sure the kids stay on point and find their light.

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