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Teachers Strike Hits Day Two

Negotiations continue but teachers and students stay home



    Teachers Strike Hits Day Two
    A Teacher Pickets in San Juan Capistrano

    Teachers say there is an English lesson in a "one-word" adjective separating the Capistrano Unified School District and it's 2200 teachers.

    What's the word? Teachers say it's "temporary!"

    The school board says it must permanently slash teachers salaries by 10%, but the teachers want the cut to only be temporary.

    There is a math lesson in this too. The district says $34 million must be cut 2010-11 school year caused by a drop in state funding. The pay cuts will save $19.9 million.

    But some teachers wonder if something else is behind the move.

    "This is something other than not having enough money. There's something sinister going on," says Liz Lander, Math Teacher.

    The union has said it will accept the pay cut but only if it expires on June 30 of next year.

    On Friday from Dana Hills to Capistrano Valley, nine out of ten high school students did not show up for class. District wide the absentee rate was 70%.

    District spokeswoman Julie Hatchel said the atmosphere Friday was largely calm. Some picketers blocked and harassed substitutes and parents as they drove into several schools in the morning, but no injuries were reported.

    Some students also joined the teachers' picket lines.

    Striking teachers were being docked for each day of the walkout.

    It is the first teachers' strike in the county in a decade.