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Tornadoes Impact Flights at LA Airports

The Series of Devastating Storms in the Middle of the Country have Severely Impacted Flights Coming and Going From Local Airports



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    Flights at LAX Were Delayed due to Midwest Storms

    Air travelers hoping to leave Tornado Alley for LAX Tuesday night faced persistent flight delays because of severe weather conditions in Dallas.

    One group of grateful passengers got out just ahead of the storm.

    "There was lightning, and that's why we were delayed. The guys couldn't put the luggage in," said Theresa Moon, of Boston.

    "On the plane they told us they had softball sized hail in Dallas, and also we saw on the television screen in lobby waiting for the flight to takeoff," said Antonio Ingram, of Los Angeles.

    Midwest Tornadoes Impact Flights at Local Airports

    [LA] Midwest Tornadoes Impact Flights at Local Airports
    Flights at local airports experience delays, as a series of severe storms disrupt air service from areas of the country devastated by tornadoes.
    (Published Tuesday, May 24, 2011)

    "Waiting for the flight to take-off they didn't want to let us board until the lightning stopped," according to Natalie Banks, of Los Angeles. "The Lightning had to clear for twenty minutes before we were allowed to get onboard the plane."

    Hail and high winds forced fans at a Texas Rangers game Tuesday night be moved from the upper deck to the lower deck for safety.

    A few travelers just in from Dallas Fort Worth said they had hail from Los Angeles, and they say, compared to the weather drama down south and in the midwest, home never looked so good.

    "It was quite frightening because we were just in the big storms in Huntsville Alabama a couple weeks ago. Nowadays when you hear about the tornadoes and the storms you better get concerned, because they move in very very fast," according to Frances Harris, of Los Angeles.