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What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?

More Than a Year After she Disappeared From a Sheriff's Sub-Station, and Months After her Body was Found, Mitrice Richardson's Father Wants to Know What Happened to his Daughter



    What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?
    What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?

    Last September park rangers found Mitrice Richardson’s remains in Malibu Canyon, eleven months after she disappeared following a misdemeanor arrest and release from jail in Malibu.

    On Monday night, a concerned crowd filled a civil rights meeting about her unresolved death investigation. Front and center was Mitrice’s father.

    "If I have to stand out there and beat a snare drum, and expose my un-physiqued body to get attention to this case, that’s what I'm gonna do," according to Michael Richardson, Mitrice's father.

    "This man’s daughter is sitting in a grave because somebody in the police department did not do their job," says Arnette Edwards, a concerned citizen.

    What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

    [LA] What Happened to Mitrice Richardson
    More than a year after she disappeared from a sheriff's sub-station, and months after her body was found, Matrice Richardson's father wants to know what happened to his daughter.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 6, 2010)

    And so LA County Sheriff Lee Baca explained why his deputies released the possibly bipolar Richardson without a car or cellphone, after midnight almost a year ago.

    "There was no indication from the reports that we’ve reviewed, that she was inebriated, or performing as an individual that needed some additional assistance psychologically," according to Sheriff Lee Baca, LA County Sheriff's Department.

    Even the removal of Richardson’s remains is drawing scrutiny now.

    "That investigation is still underway, although I think it's soon to be completed. I know that the coroner’s folks have been interviewed. I know that the search and rescue people have been interviewed.” according to Michael Gennaco, of the Office of Independent Review

    Bottom line, Mitrice Richardson has not been forgotten.

    "When we talk about 'we laid Mitrice to rest' I hate to say this, but my daughter is not resting," says Michael Richardson, Mitrice's father.