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Issues Facing California's Schools

Superintendent Defends Teacher Evaluations: Superintendent John Deasy said only a portion of the evaluation would be student performance. Blog Post

California's Parent Trigger: One hot topic in education policy here in California is the so-called "parent trigger," which allows parents to demand changes in failing schools if a majority of them sign petitions. Blog Post

LAUSD Budget Crunch Could Cost School Days: John Deasy hasn’t even worked a full year as the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Superintendent and he’s already facing a tough test. Full Story

California Schools Shaken And Stressed: This has to do with a last-minute budget bill one prominent lobbyist describes as "ugly stuff." Blog Post

LAUSD Rehires Some Teachers: Some 450 elementary school teachers will be rehired "in time for the 2011-2012" school year, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced Aug. 5. Full Story

Schedule Experiment for 3 High Schools: Three San Fernando Valley high schools experiment with "balanced traditional" schedule. Full Story

Link: State Education Department Blueprint for Great Schools

Shopping and Saving

Search Engine Designed to Help Busy Moms: Rita Mauceri from DotComs For Moms discusses back to school savings. Full Story

Bargain Hunting Strategies: This back-to-school shopping trip landed two moms at a 99 Cent Only store. Full Story

Back-to-School Trends: You've put it off as long as you could. Time to check some items off that shopping list. Video

Student Health

LAUSD Offers Free Whooping Cough Vaccines: New vaccine rules come on the heels of a brutal bout of whooping cough in 2010, which saw the highest number of cases since 1947. Full Story, Full Story

New Vaccine Regulations: Dr. Bruce Hensel looks at the new state requirements for student vaccinations. Video

How to keep school lunches safe: Video

Link: CDC Vaccines for Children Program | Vaccination Schedule

Link: LAUSD Tdap Booster Shots

Link: Bullying and Hate-Motivated Behavior Prevention

Schools and Technology

Find Deals on Back-to-School Tech Needs: Back-to-school tech needs don't have to cost a fortune, says a local expert. Full Story

Should Teachers "Friend" Students on Facebook?: That's a question facing many school districts, including LAUSD. Full Story

$1,000 iMac for Schools, Bulk Buys: Apple is releasing a sub-$1000 iMac for schools and those purchasing more than a few of the desktops. Blog Post

Walnut: One of the best small cities in the country and a great place for schools. Full Story

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