Shoppers Behaving Badly

Black Friday can bring out the worst in some aggressive shoppers

Black Friday shopping can bring out the worst in some people.

More: The bad behavior started early. 

One shopper at South Coast Plaza mall was annoyed by the rude behavior, saying "Somebody cut in front of us while we were at Macy's. I was a little frustrated by that."

Another shopper, Kelly Castellanos had problems on the escalators, saying people were pushy, “People try to pass you on the escalators and they are small."

But rude isn’t bad when you compare those actions to some of the violence seen this Black Friday.

Early this morning in the east bay suburb of San Leandro robbers tried to steal merchandise from a man walking out of a Wal-Mart. The man and his family refused to turn over their merchandise, and the man was shot. A very similar incident occurred at a Wal-Mart in South Carolina. 

Shopper Ernie Castellanos says people just need to be patient, and just take their time because “everybody is in a hurry."

A national survey conducted by found that more people are indulging in some ugly shopping behaviors.

The study found 6 percent of people cut in line and fight for a parking space. Four percent of people park illegally in handicapped spots, and some people even admit to taking items from someone else’s shopping cart.

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