Who Leaked the Mel Tapes?

Trouble Never Seems to End for Gibson as Another Tape is Released, Where Someone Who Sounds Like Gibson is Furiously Arguing with his Ex-Girlfriend


A screaming Oksana GirgorievaIn can be heard on the latest round of audio from that now infamous phone conversation posted by RadarOnline.com.

But some observers have wondered aloud about her demeanor. Was her part of the conversation a little too polished? Did she rehearse her part? Former L.A. prosecutor Robin Sax says it could be because she's being coached by an attorney, or perhaps a domestic violence counselor.

"She could have actually been taping at the request and guidance of law enforcement to begin with, so we don’t know that from the tapes yet," according to Sax.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, which is investigating allegations of domestic abuse, refuses to confirm a RadarOnline claim that Mel Gibson's attorneys are set to meet with detectives soon, or a TMZ.com report that Grigorieva's son will be interviewed.

Still, there is plenty of speculation about Grigorieva's motives, whether the tape was released publicly through her camp or elsewhere.

Sax says Gibson's defense team will likely examine the "extortion" question, before going public with their own response.

"I don’t know how you look at extortion to defense of battery. Extortion may be a separate crime," Sax said.

In any event, Hollywood Publicist Howard Bragman says Gibson's return to public favor will be a long one indeed.

"This assures that he will never work in mainstream Hollywood in the foreseeable future," predicts Howard Bragman, Publicist.

Tough words in an industry where Gibson has long been regarded as a titan, but Bragman says Gibson's first challenge needs to be "staying out of jail." Gibson needs to face the criminal charge, if there ultimately is one, then consider the career.

"Number one, the person has to be contrite. Boy - I’m not sure we’re buying a ‘contrite’ Mel Gibson says Howard Bragman, Publicist.

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