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Kovacik Goes to Law School - June 15, 2010



    Kovacik Goes to Law School - June 15, 2010
    Joel Cooke/KNBC Videographer mobile upload via iPhone
    KNBC Reporter Robert Kovacik is Today in LA's lead morning reporter.

    So, the textbook is 300 and some odd pages long. In the next few days we will be in session from 8am -9pm. It is no wonder that prior fellows in this four year old program all echo the same advice: "Come rested and prepare to work."

    "The Journalists' Guide to American Law" book covers, in rough order of importance: Constitutional Law; Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure; Civil Procedure; and Torts.

    I have scanned the list of the 35 fellows accepted and it is, to say the least, an intimidating group. Print reporters from the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and TV reporters from CBS News, National Public Radio and CNN.

    So much of what I do working Los Angeles is cover high-profile trials that I am sure the professors will become weary of my constant questions. I have made a list and its growing... as is my excitement and, i admit it, anxiety.

    I also feel an additional amount of pressure. When this is all over, Professors Levenson, Nockelby, et al, live right here in Los Angeles -- right where I work. When they turn on the TV, I'll be the one they see outside of Criminal Courts -- wondering if this reporter learned (or retained) anything at all.

    I know, better crack that textbook and try to figure how I can pull an all-nighter when I am supposed to arrive rested.