Fulfillment Fund

The Fulfillment Fund is dedicated to making college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities. Through programs such as mentoring, classroom education, college counseling, scholarships, assistance with FAFSA, college trips and more, we are able to support our students to live up to their fullest potential. Nationally, only about half of high school graduates from low-income communities enroll in college. Thanks to the services the Fulfillment Fund provides, 95% of our 12 graders graduate from high school with the intention of going to college.

The Fulfillment Fund Mentor Program impacts the lives of hundreds of youth in Los Angeles, through one-on-one mentoring relationships. Through mentoring, students gain a friend, a confidant, a guide and a cheerleader to join them on their journey. This may be the reason why at-risk youth who are mentored are 55% more likely to attend college as opposed to their non-mentored peers.  To volunteer, click here

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