Living Shield Ministries

Living Shield Ministries in Riverside, CA trains men and women in chaplaincy work and then helps place them into the community wherever they feel led to be a chaplain -- be it in government, businesses, schools, media, art and entertainment, churches, and community. These men and women first receive over 100 hours of training in critical incident stress management, crisis intervention, and nouthetic counseling in order that they can provide both emotional and spiritual care to those who are in crisis. Our volunteer chaplains are “First Responders to the First responders and the Communities They Serve.”

Our trained chaplains have been able to provide emotional and spiritual care to our first responders and to the community they serve since 2008. They are on-call 24/7 ready to respond to local disasters (suicide, homicide, SIDS, drowning’s, traffic collisions, etc.). Our desire is to help bring stabilization into the life of an individual whose life is in chaos as a result of crisis. To volunteer, click here.

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