OC Night Market Opens to Big Crowds

The Orange County Fairgrounds was host to the first “OC Night Market” last weekend, a giant food, entertainment, and arts festival.

The night market concept is modeled off of popular night markets in Asia where people gather, socialize, dance, and eat.

“Night markets like these are very common in a lot of the Asian countries. So bringing it here kind of brings us back there”, Michelle, a night market attendee, explained.

With over 200 vendors and attractions, the market is not only a place for friends and family to gather, socialize, and eat. It is also a platform for local businesses.

“It gives them a lot of exposure because we have over 40,000 people come every weekend”, Aileen Xu, the OC Night Market media relations manager, said.

Though it may be thousands of miles away, the OC Night Market embodied so much of the Asian night markets it was inspired by.

“It reminds us of the Asian culture that we kind of lost” Hunter, a night market enjoyer, said.

The market was the first in the OC, but not the first for the event organizers who have been hosting night markets in Southern California for two years. The organizer’s original “626 NIGHT MARKET” is held in Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park.

“We have big plans for the future…I believe the night market is definitely a trend. It’s definitely going to grow” said Xu.

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