Super Bowl LVI

LA Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo Make Super Bowl Bet on Their Home Teams

The LA Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo have placed their bets on their teams for Super Bowl Sunday and the losing zoo will have to make some changes.

LA Zoo

The LA Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens have bet on their respective home teams to win the Super Bowl and the losing zoo will change its logo to the winning NFL team's mascot on social media on Monday, the zoos announced Friday.

If the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl on Sunday, the LA Zoo will change it's logo to a bengal, while the Cincinnati Zoo will change its logo to a ram if the Los Angeles Rams win.

"I have no doubt that our Rams will show those Bengals that Los Angeles is the king of championship teams!'' said Los Angeles Zoo Director and CEO Denise M. Verret. "I cannot wait to see the Cincinnati Zoo's new logo when we win the game.''

The LA Zoo's current logo incorporates a snake, the California condor, a rhinoceros and a western lowland gorilla to highlight the zoo's conservation efforts.

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