Super Bowl LVI

Massive X-Ray Machines to Screen Vehicles at SoFi Stadium in Preparation for the Super Bowl

Customs and Border Protection will be conducting screening for all vehicles entering Sofi Stadium for the Super Bowl.

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Hundreds of trucks will be going into Sofi Stadium over the next several days and they have to be checked out for anything dangerous that might be inside them.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says they have the unique skills and equipment to do just that.

It's like an airport screening but with much bigger things. Authorities say they'll be bringing their giant mobile x-ray to inspect trucks and other vehicles going into the Super Bowl at Sofi Stadium.

"Whether it be food vendors merchandise vendors any equipment that’s going in the Lombardi trophy will all be scanned going in," said Carlos C. Martel, the director of field operations for the CPB's Los Angeles Field Office.

The purpose is to find contraband. Officers have had seizures over the years where they've found methamphetamines hidden inside sound equipment, drugs like the date rape drug GBL, and ketamine hidden inside hand soap. They've also found guns and ammunition mixed in with clothing and stuffed animals.

They said in one seizure 44 kilograms of cocaine were concealed in drums disguised as molasses.

Officers say they will be looking for terrorist threats and weapons of mass destruction.

These are the mobile units they say that are used regularly at the Port of LA and Long Beach, to try to prevent anything from coming into the country that shouldn't be.

"The purpose of the scanning is to ensure that no weapons no explosives no contraband nothing that represents a threat to the players and attendees," Martel said.

Customs and Border Protection say the equipment has been used in previous Super Bowls and at the Rose Bowl. But they did not share if any seizures have been made at those events.

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