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  • auto insurance Mar 12

    State Investigating Discrimination Allegations Leveled at Insurance Companies

    Serious allegations of discrimination are being leveled at insurance companies by less privilaged communities. Randy Mac and the I-Team investigated on the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

  • Donald Trump Nov 16, 2019

    Democrat Edwards Wins Reelection in Conservative Louisiana

    Deep in the heart of the conservative South, Louisiana’s voters reelected Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards to a second term, shocking Republicans who had hoped to reclaim the seat on the strength of President Donald Trump’s popularity. With his focus on bipartisan, state-specific issues, the moderate Edwards cobbled together enough cross-party support Saturday to defeat Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, getting...

  • California Jan 5, 2019

    California Car Insurers Can No Longer Charge Drivers More Based on Gender

    A Los Angeles-based taxpayer and consumer advocacy group Friday applauded new rules issued by the state Department of Insurance under which California auto insurers can no longer charge drivers more based on their gender.

  • California Dec 12, 2018

    Auto Theft Spikes This Time of Year – Can New Tech Protect Your Car?

    New Year’s Day is ranked as the worst major holiday of the year for auto theft nationwide. With Bay Area vehicle crime trending above the national average, local engineers have come up with clever ways to make vehicles a less-appealing target for crooks.

  • Halloween Oct 26, 2018

    Halloween Is The Scariest Day of The Year for This Financial Shock

    Halloween could be scarier for your budget than anticipated: Homeowners and auto insurance claims tend to jump during the holiday. On average, Halloween has 17 percent more home claims for theft, vandalism and other crimes than any other day of the year, according to a new assessment from Travelers. That includes problems like doors kicked in, mailboxes knocked down and...

  • Ohio Oct 15, 2018

    Sears Through the Years: From Watch Seller to Tower Builder

    Sears got its start as a watch seller more than 130 years ago and grew to become one of the world’s largest retailers. But the company has struggled in recent years and on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2017

    Violence Followed Texas Church Gunman After High School

    Wherever Devin Patrick Kelley went after graduating from high school, a trail of violence followed. In New Mexico, Kelley was kicked out of the Air Force following a court-martial two years after he enlisted for abusing his wife and reportedly hitting her child hard enough to fracture his skull. In Colorado, he was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after someone...

  • Donald Trump Nov 5, 2017

    ‘Domestic Situation’ in Devin Patrick Kelley’s Family Preceded Texas Church Massacre

    A 26-year-old man who had been sending his mother-in-law threatening text messages put on a ballistic vest and a black mask with a white skull face and killed 26 people with an assault rifle at her church in southern Texas Sunday, authorities said. More details about Devin Patrick Kelley’s life and death were revealed Monday as investigators continued to look...

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2017

    Texas Church Gunman Checked Each Aisle, Shot Babies at Point-Blank Range

    The gunman who killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church went aisle to aisle looking for victims and shot crying babies at point-blank range, a couple who survived the attack said. Meanwhile, investigators continued analyzing the gruesome crime scene Tuesday and tried to gain access to the shooter’s cellphone, a longstanding challenge for the FBI in thousands of previous...

  • Congress Oct 3, 2017

    Another Wells Fargo CEO Faces an Angry Congress

    A different Wells Fargo chief executive met a similar kind of anger from Congress on Tuesday, with politicians from both major parties saying they feel the bank has done little to change its culture since a scandal over its sales practices. Tim Sloan appeared in front of the Senate Banking Committee in Washington, D.C., about a year since his predecessor...

  • auto insurance Aug 15, 2017

    After Sales Scandal, Wells Fargo Announces Board Shakeup

    Wells Fargo announced a board shakeup Tuesday, including the coming retirement of three directors, in a restructuring effort following the bank’s consumer sales scandal, CNBC reported. Elizabeth “Betsy” Duke will take Stephen Sanger’s position as independent chair effective Jan. 1, 2018, according to the bank’s announcement. Board members Cynthia H. Milligan and Susan G. Swenson will also leave the board...

  • auto insurance Jul 28, 2017

    Wells Fargo Paying $80 Million Over Customer Car Insurance

    Wells Fargo is paying $80 million to customers who the bank signed up and charged for auto insurance that they did not want or need....
    The bank said Friday that roughly 570,000 customers were affected and will be getting refunds....
    Like most auto loan companies, Wells Fargo required borrowers to have comprehensive and collision insurance. If they didn’t have comprehensive coverage, Wells...

  • Indianapolis May 25, 2017

    Race Car Costs: The High Price of Fielding a Racing Team

    Gentlemen, start your engines — of your money-munching machines. While waiting for the flag to drop at the Indianapolis 500 this Memorial Day weekend, are you fantasizing about becoming a race car driver? You may have the driving skills, but you also need sponsors, a support team, and most importantly, money. Lots and lots of money. Monster truckloads of money.

  • Los Angeles Aug 12, 2016

    Warnings About Using Autopay Insurance

    A case of identity theft and a car accident was a double dose of bad luck for Nick Ralph of Los Angeles, who says he’s suffering physically and financially.

  • Aug 12, 2016

    Car Crash a Double Dose of Bad Luck for LA Man

    A case of identity theft and a car crash is a double dose of bad luck for a Los Angeles man who says he’s suffering physically and financially. Randy Mac reports for the NBC4 News on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016.

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