• rebound Jun 17

    Rebound Season 3: Small Business Roundtable

    In season three of NBC’s Rebound, we gave three business owners cameras to document their journey as small Black-owned businesses in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The owners of Chicago’s Lingua Nigra jewelry company, Miami’s hair care brand Kazmaleje and DC’s Goodies Frozen Custard and Treats joined NBCLX storyteller Ngozi Ekeledo to talk about the importance of supporting Black...

  • rebound Jun 11

    Wrapping It Up: Passing on a Legacy & the Future of Kazmaleje

    Hair discrimination has existed for centuries, but recent legislation, like the 2019 CROWN Act, seeks to change that. LaToya Stirrup, co-founder of Kazmaleje, talks about how Kazmaleje is working to pass on a legacy aimed at supporting and empowering men, women and kids alike, no matter what type of hair they choose to rock.

  • rebound Jun 9

    Charting New Territory in a Historic Ice House

    After a year of delays amid the coronavirus pandemic, Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats finally opened its first brick and mortar location in a historic ice house in Old Town Alexandria. Owner Brandon Byrd talks about the historical significance of being one of the few Black business owners in the area, which played a prominent role in the transatlantic trade...

  • rebound Jun 4

    ‘As a Black Creator, I've Had to Take Whatever I Can Get'

    With increased sales in the last year, Chicago-based Lingua Nigra founder and designer Alicia Goodwin hopes to move into a bigger space and expand her team to increase jewelry production. Being a Black, female-owned business, Lingua Nigra was in high demand as a social justice movement saw many around the country seeking to elevate and support Black-owned businesses. But she...

  • rebound Jun 3

    ‘Trust the Process': Why Embracing Your Hair is a Journey

    Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, locs, waves, braids, a perm, or a wig, everyone’s hair journey is different. But unfortunately, the wide variety of hair types and textures isn’t always evident in mainstream media or marketing. LaToya Stirrup, co-founder of Kazmaleje, shares how the company is trying to break the mold to be inclusive of all hair types,...

  • rebound Jun 2

    ‘You Can Never Be Prepared Fully': Goodies Clears Hurdles to Storefront Opening

    No one knows better than Brandon Byrd that running a business can be precarious: In his journey toward opening a storefront for Goodies, a frozen custard truck in the D.C. area, he’s rebounded from several setbacks. One of them being a worldwide pandemic that hit when he was preparing to remodel an old ice house for his storefront in Old...

  • rebound Jun 1

    When Dessert Gets Down to the Wire

    Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats, a Black-owned dessert truck in the D.C. area, is on its way to expanding its dessert empire by opening its first brick and mortar store in Old Town Alexandria. After an electrical issue delayed his grand opening, the only thing stopping owner Brandon Byrd from realizing his dream is the sign-off from a city...

  • rebound Jun 1

    The Year Without Photoshoots: Chicago Jeweler Forced to Get Creative with Pandemic Promotions

    Lingua Nigra largely depends on beautiful online publicity to display new and current pieces. Along with travel restrictions and travel fears, founder Alicia Goodwin found creative ways to keep her social media active and even bought an extra set of ears to help get the job done. After not being able to execute a photoshoot for new designs in...

  • rebound May 27

    How a Miami-Based Hair Care Company is Changing the Self-Care Game

    Juggling motherhood, a hair care business, and the challenges that come along with being a “mompreneur” can be overwhelming — but Kazmaleje co-founder LaToya Stirrup finds a way to balance it all while still prioritizing self-care and mental health. With passion for Kazmaleje’s mission and support from family and friends, LaToya shares how she gets it all done.

  • rebound May 25

    Building a Brand on Vanilla Custard

    Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats, a Black-owned dessert truck in the D.C. area, created a loyal following by focusing on its signature flavor: vanilla custard. As cities begin to open back up from pandemic shutdowns, owner Brandon Byrd is hoping that loyalty follows his business to the new Goodies brick and mortar store.

  • rebound May 24

    Once Reliant on Mail to Survive Pandemic, Jewelry Business Pivots Strategy

    Lingua Nigra founder Alicia Goodwin recounts last year’s delays with the U.S. Postal Service and explains how she manages sending out orders now. As more craft shows start to open, along with new mask guidelines in place, Goodwin decides to not rely on mail shipments as much. “That’s not a possibility for me,” Goodwin said.

  • rebound May 21

    Miami-Based Business Creates Hair Tools to Empower Black Women and Natural Hair

    Hair. It comes in all textures, colors, lengths, types and densities. But for Black women, the topic of hair can be complex — especially when it comes to caring for your natural locs. Enter Kazmaleje, a Miami-based business focused on creating hair tools and products for curly and kinky hair types. The business was launched by three sisters with a…

  • rebound May 17

    A New Start During a Pandemic

    As the coronavirus pandemic collided with a surge in calls for racial equity over the summer, jewelry brand Lingua Nigra gained thousands of followers and new orders almost overnight after being included in many lists of Black-owned businesses to support. With a new increase in orders and a larger following, founder and artist Alicia Goodwin is trying to keep that...

  • rebound Mar 21

    ‘Would This Be Easier If I Weren't a Woman of Color?'

    As Mented attempts to gather more funding, CEO KJ Miller examines how other, non-Black-owned businesses performing worse than her company are able to raise more money from venture capitalists. Plus, as the nation deals with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others, Mented doubles down on its values and speaks out publicly about injustice.

  • rebound Mar 17

    Rebound: There's No Limit With Lemonade

    Like thousands of small business owners across the country, the pandemic challenged Vicktor Stevenson, owner of San Francisco’s gourmet lemonade stand Gourmonade, in new and unexpected ways. But one thing hasn’t changed: a diehard following affectionately known as the ‘Gourmonade fam,’ who are so inspired by Stevenson that they go above and beyond to support the brand – even acting...

  • rebound Mar 17

    Rebound: ‘Sometimes It's Not Up to Us'

    New partnerships with stores like Target and Ulta, plus a marketing shift, means more demand for Mented products. But you can do everything right and still be set back because of port delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Mented CEO KJ Miller and her small team must navigate expansion while continuing to try and raise funds to be able to...

  • rebound Mar 11

    Rebound: Popping Balloons Before Champagne

    Business at Ava Party Designs has picked up considerably since the devastating pandemic shutdowns in the spring and winter. Owner Ava Sealey says while parties are booked and things are look up, she’s not popping any champagne just yet – there’s still plenty of work to do, and to keep everyone safe, we need to do things the right...

  • rebound Mar 10

    Rebound: Businessing While Black

    As a Black father and business owner, Vicktor Stevenson has repeatedly faced suspicion and prejudice in his neighborhood. After someone called the police on Stevenson, suspecting him of breaking into his own shop, it fueled an outpouring of support from the community — and fueled Stevenson’s drive to create a lemonade empire.

  • rebound Mar 5

    Rebound: Black, Proud & Rooted

    Facing heartbreaking stories and statistics, Ava Sealey says being a part of a racial reckoning actually gave her more confidence in herself and reminded her to be proud of where she came from, the business she’s built, and where her balloons are taking her.

  • rebound Mar 1

    ‘I Don't Have a Manual': Being Pregnant and Running a Company During a Pandemic

    As Mented perseveres and expands during the pandemic, co-founder KJ Miller must balance work with expectant motherhood. In addition to the managing the stress of business, she is now dealing with severe pregnancy sickness and trying to not be overwhelmed for fear of harming baby Kayla.

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