• Budget Feb 22

    10 Cheap and Healthy Foods to Stock Up on When Money Is Tight

    As people continue to struggle with job loss and budgets get tighter, a lot of Americans are really concerned about putting food on the table. Grocery prices across the country have risen since the start of the pandemic — and with many of us still homebound due to COVID-19 and cooking more often, many Americans are spending more on groceries...

  • Holidays Feb 8

    Celebrating Valentine's Day on a Dime

    You don’t have to break the bank to prove your love.

  • financial planning Dec 18, 2020

    Five Tips for Getting Your Financial House in Order for 2021

    With the New Year less than two weeks away it’s time to start planning your budget pivot. Here are a few tried and true strategies for getting your financial house in order for 2021.

  • United States Postal Service Jul 16, 2020

    US Mail Could Be Delayed Under New Policies

    Mail could be delayed a day or more under proposed changes suggested by the new postmaster general, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

  • 2020 census Jul 7, 2020

    Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Census

    The 2020 U.S. Census is required for anyone living in the United States, but there are billions of reasons you’d want to take it: lawmakers use census data to divvy up money for important resources like hospitals, fire stations and roads. Lawmakers will rely on this year’s census data until 2030, so now’s your chance to make sure your household...

  • Santa Monica Jun 24, 2020

    Santa Monica Passes New Budget

    Santa Monica said Wednesday its city council has approved a $613.6 million Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget that reduces spending by nearly 25 percent and takes a small chunk out of the police department’s budget. The budgetary reduction is in response to the impacts of the novel coronavirus and includes measures to close a projected $224 million budget deficit through Fiscal year…

  • State budget Jun 14, 2020

    California Lawmakers Take up Budget in Tense Economic Times

    The California Legislature will meet Monday to pass a budget for these uncertain times, without knowing how much money they have to spend and without an agreement with Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose veto pen could force lawmakers to start over. The result will be a speculative spending plan that leaves cash-strapped local governments and public school districts hanging as they…

  • budget deficit May 31, 2020

    California Politicians Won't Get 1st Pay Raise in Years

    California state lawmakers and other top elected officials won’t be getting a pay increase for the first time in five years as the state faces a major budget deficit and mass unemployment induced by the coronavirus. The California Citizens Compensation Commission, a public board that sets salaries for public officials, voted unanimously Thursday to keep officials’ pay flat for...

  • Education May 20, 2020

    Correction: University of California-Salaries Story

    In a story May 18, 2020, about the University of California imposing salary freezes on some employees, The Associated Press erroneously reported that the UC is the country’s largest public higher education system

  • prison reform May 16, 2020

    Shrink Prisons to Help Budget, Gov. Newsom Says

    Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing to significantly shrink the footprint of California’s prison system, partly because of massive budget cuts prompted by the pandemic but also because of philosophy. The revised budget he sent to state lawmakers this week envisions closing two state prisons in the coming years; cutting nearly one in five of the 43 inmate firefighter camps; and…

  • California Budget May 15, 2020

    Billions in Cuts Proposed as California Revenue Plunges

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing canceling $6.1 billion in planned spending increases from a variety of programs as part of next year’s budget

  • budget deficit May 10, 2020

    NewsConference: California Facing $54 Billion Deficit

    NBC4’s Conan Nolan talks with State Senator Holly Mitchell D-Los Angeles, the chair of the Senate Budget Committee. With the tax revenue falling, California is now facing a $54 Billion deficit. How will our legislators deal this this massive deficit? How is the federal government helping? Who is facing cuts? How is this impacting our businesses? Los Angeles Area Chamber...

  • LAPD Apr 22, 2020

    LAPD Chief Seeks to Make Budget Cuts While Keeping Department Staffed

    Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday that the department will continue to hire sworn officers as needed, although its civilian workforce could be affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We need to work within our budget, and we will, but make no mistake, in the next 12 months, we’re going to hire 500 law enforcement officers to be…

  • Budget Feb 10, 2020

    Trump's $4.8 Billion Budget Proposal Revisits Rejected Cuts

    President Donald Trump is offering a $4.8 trillion election-year budget plan that recycles previously rejected cuts to domestic programs to promise a balanced budget in 15 years — all while boosting the military and leaving Social Security and Medicare benefits untouched.

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