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  • Donald Trump Nov 4, 2018

    Why It's Still in Russia's Interest to Mess With US Politics

    Sweeping accusations that the Kremlin tried to sway the 2016 U.S. election haven’t chastened Russian trolls, hackers and spies — and might even have emboldened them. U.S. officials and tech companies say Russians have continued online activity targeted at American voters during the campaign for Tuesday’s election, masquerading as U.S. institutions and creating faux-American social media posts to aggravate tensions...

  • Russia Oct 4, 2018

    US, Allies Accuse Russian Military Spy Agency GRU of Scores of Attacks

    The West unleashed an onslaught of new evidence and indictments Thursday accusing Russian military spies of hacking so widespread that it seemed to target anyone, anywhere who investigates Moscow’s involvement in an array of criminal activities — including doping, poisoning and the downing of a plane. Russia defiantly denied the charges, neither humbled nor embarrassed by the exceptional revelations on...

  • Donald Trump Sep 30, 2018

    N. Korea: US Needs to Build Our Trust, and Sanctions Lower It

    North Korea needs more trust in the U.S. and their developing relationship before it will get rid of its nuclear weapons, Pyongyang’s top diplomat said Saturday as an envoy from another of the international community’s biggest worries — Syria — demanded that the U.S., France and Turkey withdraw their troops from his civil-war-wracked country. More than three months after a...

  • Chief Jun 22, 2018

    Russia Says Evidence of Syria Chemical Attacks Was Faked

    Russia says the U.S. and its allies have relied on fabricated evidence to accuse the Syrian government of launching chemical attacks against civilians. Russia’s foreign and defense ministries also charged Friday that the international chemical weapons watchdog has failed to objectively investigate the alleged chemical attacks and is subject to political control. Maj. Gen. Igor Kirillov, the chief of the...

  • Russia May 16, 2018

    Chlorine Used in Syrian Town of Saraqeb, International Watchdog Finds

    The international chemical weapons watchdog said Wednesday that chlorine was likely used as a weapon in the Syrian town of Saraqeb in early February, the latest report of poison gas being unleashed in Syria’s civil war. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons released details of a report into the chlorine use, but did not say which side in...

  • chemical weapons watchdog Apr 27, 2018

    Ex-Russian Spy's Daughter Released From British Hospital

    A British health official said Tuesday that Yulia Skripal, who was targeted along with her father in a nerve agent attack in England, has been discharged from hospital. “This is not the end of her treatment but marks a significant milestone,” said Dr. Christine Blanshard. She said she would not provide details about Skripal’s condition out of concern for the...

  • Europe Apr 27, 2018

    Trump Says ‘Mission Accomplished' in Syria, But Chemical Weapons Remain

    President Donald Trump on Saturday declared “Mission Accomplished” for a U.S.-led allied missile attack on Syria’s chemical weapons program, but the Pentagon said the pummeling of three chemical-related facilities left enough others intact to enable the Assad government to use banned weapons against civilians if it chooses. “A perfectly executed strike,” Trump tweeted after U.S., French and British warplanes and...

  • Syria Apr 18, 2018

    First Chlorine, Then Chaos and Death in Suspected Syria Gas Attack

    Residents of the Syrian town of Douma were packed into underground shelters amid bombardment when the gas began to spread. Suddenly, panic ensued. As shouts of “chlorine, chlorine!” rang out, some ran into the night and fainted in the street. Others climbed to rooftops, hoping they’d be safer rising above the gas. Dozens didn’t make it out at all, some...

  • Europe Apr 17, 2018

    White House Says Russia Sanctions Still Under Consideration

    The White House scrambled Monday to walk back U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s weekend announcement that new economic sanctions against Russia are imminent, but stressed the penalties are still being considered. Haley created a firestorm Sunday when she said the new sanctions would be imposed by the Treasury Department on Monday, when, in fact, no such announcement was planned, according to...

  • Europe Apr 15, 2018

    Analysis: Trump Wanted Out of Syria, But He's Drawn Back in

    In heated exchanges with his national security team in recent weeks, President Donald Trump repeatedly made clear he saw little incentive for the United States to be involved in Syria’s intractable civil war. Then he pushed the U.S. military back into the quagmire.

  • Europe Apr 15, 2018

    Certain of Gas Attack, US and Allies Struck Syria Before UN Report

    The United States, Britain and France opted to strike Syria for its apparent use of chemical weapons without waiting for a report from U.N. inspectors because they were convinced that the Assad government had used chlorine and sarin nerve gas against a rebel-held Damascus suburb, American officials said Saturday. The allies also acted because of concerns that Russian and Syrian...

  • Moscow Apr 12, 2018

    Chemical Watchdog: Ex-Spy Poisoned by Very Pure Nerve Agent

    The international chemical weapons watchdog on Thursday confirmed Britain’s finding that a former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent, as Russia continued to deny suggestions that it was behind the attack. Investigators from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning group, said the nerve agent was “of high purity.” Britain...

  • chemical weapons watchdog Apr 6, 2018

    Poisoned Ex-Spy No Longer in Critical Condition: UK Hospital

    Ex-spy Sergei Skripal is improving rapidly and is no longer in critical condition, a British health official said Friday, a month after he and his daughter were poisoned with a rare nerve agent that triggered a diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West. Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a bench in the English city of Salisbury...

  • chemical weapons watchdog Apr 5, 2018

    Daughter of Poisoned Spy Says She's Recovering

    The poisoned daughter of an ex-Russian spy said Thursday she’s recovering quickly after her ordeal, while Russia strongly protested being locked out of the probe into the nerve agent that sickened her and her father. Britain has blamed Russia for the March 4 poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in the city of Salisbury. In response, more than...

  • chemical weapons Mar 15, 2018

    Trump: ‘It Looks Like' Russians Carried Out Nerve Agent Poisoning

    President Donald Trump was asked his thoughts about the nerve agent poisoning in the U.K. that targeted a former Russian spy and his daughter.

  • The Associated Press Oct 27, 2017

    Experts Blame Syria for Chemical Weapons Attack in April

    Experts from the U.N. and the chemical weapons watchdog are blaming the Syrian government for an attack in April using the nerve gas sarin that killed over 90 people. Their report’s key findings and conclusions, obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday, state that leaders of the expert body are “confident that the Syrian Arab Republic is responsible for the...

  • Russia Sep 6, 2017

    Syrian Government Launched April Sarin Attack: UN Probe

    U.N.-mandated investigators said Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s air force conducted a sarin-gas attack in the spring that killed at least 83 civilians and sparked a retaliatory U.S. strike. The investigators also appealed to the U.S.-led coalition to better protect civilians as it strikes at Islamic State militants in the east. The latest report by the Commission of Inquiry...

  • Russia Jul 5, 2017

    US, Europeans Want More Pressure on Syria Over Sarin Attack

    The United States and European governments are urging tougher international pressure on Syria over a sarin gas attack and stepped-up efforts to find the perpetrators. The international chemical weapons watchdog OPCW held a special meeting on Wednesday in The Hague, after confirming in a recent report that sarin was used in the April attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun....

  • Captain Apr 28, 2017

    Reports: US Troops Deploy Along Syria-Turkish Border

    U.S. armored vehicles are deploying in areas in northern Syria along the tense border with Turkey, a few days after a Turkish airstrike that killed 20 U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters, a Syrian war monitor and Kurdish activists said Friday. Footage posted by Syrian activists online showed a convoy of U.S. armored vehicles driving on a rural road in the village of...

  • Iraq Apr 14, 2017

    Russia, Iran, Syria Issue Warning to US

    Russia, Syria and Iran strongly warned the United States Friday against launching new strikes on Syria and called for an international investigation of the chemical weapons attack there that killed nearly 90 people. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who hosted his Iranian and Syrian counterparts in Moscow, denounced the U.S. missile strikes on Syria as a “flagrant violation” of international...

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