• Los Angeles Feb 1, 2019

    St. Louis Blues: Fans Watch Their Old Team Reach Super Bowl in LA

    Seventeen years after the New England Patriots beat the Rams for the NFL championship, fans in St. Louis here will again be watching when the two go at it in Atlanta. Thing is, allegiances have changed since the Rams moved back to Los Angeles three years ago.

  • Mexico Jan 11, 2019

    Requests to Bring in Child Brides OK'd; Legal Under US Laws

    Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl. The approvals are legal: The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age...

  • Democratic party Oct 20, 2018

    PAC Won't End Ad Saying Black Men Will Face Rape Accusations

    A political action committee said Friday that it won’t pull radio ads in hotly contested races in Arkansas and Missouri that suggest African American men will face rape accusations if Democrats win midterm elections....
    An ad from Black Americans for the President’s Agenda in an Arkansas congressional race features a woman saying “white Democrats will be lynching black folk again.” Both...

  • Donald Trump Oct 19, 2018

    Missouri Senate Debate: Hawley Tries to Paint McCaskill as Too Liberal; Health Care and Tariffs Take Center Stage

    Missouri Republican candidate Josh Hawley used a Thursday debate to try to paint Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill as too liberal for the increasingly red state of Missouri, while McCaskill continued to hammer her challenger over his positions on health care. The candidates’ messaging during the St. Louis debate hosted by St. Louis Public Radio, Nine Network and KSDK Channel 5...

  • Donald Trump Aug 21, 2018

    Microsoft Uncovers More Russian Hacking Ahead of Midterms

    Microsoft has uncovered new Russian hacking efforts targeting U.S. political groups ahead of the midterm elections. The company said Tuesday that a group tied to the Russian government created fake websites that appeared to spoof two American conservative organizations: the Hudson Institute and the International Republican Institute. Three other fake sites were designed to look as if they belonged to...

  • Russia Jul 27, 2018

    Sen. McCaskill Calls Russian Hacking Attempt ‘Outrageous'

    Sen. Claire McCaskill says Russian hackers tried unsuccessfully to infiltrate her Senate computer network, and says she “will not be intimidated.” The Missouri Democrat released the statement after The Daily Beast website reported that Russia’s GRU intelligence agency tried to hack the senator’s computers in August 2017. The Daily Beast report Thursday, based on the website’s forensic analysis, says the...

  • Donald Trump Jul 25, 2018

    US Announces Billions to Help Farmers Hurt by Trump Tariffs

    The Trump administration announced Tuesday it will provide $12 billion in emergency relief to ease the pain of American farmers slammed by President Donald Trump’s escalating trade disputes with China and other countries. However, some farm-state Republicans quickly dismissed the plan, declaring that farmers want markets for their crops, not payoffs for lost sales and lower prices. The Agriculture Department...

  • Los Angeles Jun 28, 2018

    Obama is Coming to LA Today

    Former President Barack Obama will headline what is billed as a Democratic National Committee Gala Dinner Thursday in the Los Angeles area, with ticket packages ranging from $2,700 to $100,000.

  • Donald Trump Jun 25, 2018

    Sen. McCaskill's Rib Cracked From Sen. Manchin's Heimlich Maneuver

    U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin saved U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill from choking but left his fellow Democrat with a cracked rib after performing the Heimlich maneuver on her. McCaskill began choking during a luncheon for Senate Democrats on Thursday, a spokesman for Manchin told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Manchin used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the blockage in McCaskill’s throat, but...

  • Donald Trump May 23, 2018

    Trump Rallies Abortion Opponents to Vote for Republicans

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday issued a rallying call to opponents of abortion, encouraging them to head to the polls to elect conservative lawmakers. Speaking at the Susan B. Anthony List’s annual “Campaign for Life Gala,” Trump took a victory lap for his anti-abortion policies and nominations of conservative justices to federal courts. But he warned the group that they...

  • Donald Trump May 20, 2018

    McCaskill Defends CIA Vote, Says Reasons Are Classified

    Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri on Saturday defended her vote against President Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director but said the specific reasons were classified. McCaskill was one of the few Democrats facing a difficult re-election this fall to oppose the nomination of Gina Haspel, who was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday after a heated debate about her...

  • Donald Trump May 11, 2018

    Facing Anti-Washington Winds, Senate Democrats Point to Home

    Feeling no relief from anti-incumbent Republican primaries, Democratic senators in GOP-leaning states are working to convince voters they’re free of Washington’s stigma. The Democrats seeking re-election this fall in states Republican Donald Trump carried — the battlefront in the fight for Senate control —are portraying themselves as independent actors and known entities in hopes of inoculating themselves against Republican accusations...

  • The Associated Press Apr 21, 2018

    Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Charged Over Charity Donor List

    St. Louis prosecutors on Friday charged Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens with a felony for using a charity donor list for his 2016 political campaign, adding to the first-term governor’s legal woes. The charge of tampering with computer data is in addition to an earlier charge alleging Greitens took and transmitted a nonconsensual photo of a partially nude woman with whom...

  • Donald Trump Apr 13, 2018

    Missouri Governor Mirrors Trump in Quest to Survive Scandal

    Facing mounting calls to resign following sexual misconduct allegations, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens appears to be taking a cue from President Donald Trump as he fights for his political survival amid a #MeToo movement that has felled dozens of other prominent politicians and public figures. Referencing events in Washington, D.C., Greitens is using similar wording as Trump to denounce accusations...

  • Houston Apr 10, 2018

    Senate Committee Faults FEMA For Failed Contracts by Florida Company to Deliver Hurricane Aid

    The investigation followed disclosures by The Associated Press in November that a newly created Florida company with an unproven record had won more than $30 million in FEMA contracts.

  • Donald Trump Apr 2, 2018

    In Missouri, GOP Candidate for Senate Walks Trump Tightrope

    He is one of the Republican Party’s most-prized recruits, a young U.S. Senate candidate with an outsider resume and a populist message designed to appeal equally to farmers, suburban moms and the national GOP’s moneyed elite. But things get complicated when you ask Josh Hawley about President Donald Trump. Hawley, who launched a Republican Senate bid in Missouri less than...

  • Donald Trump Mar 15, 2018

    Trump Promotes Tax Cuts, Campaigns for GOP in Missouri

    Trying to turn attention back to tax cuts and away from the staffing turmoil in his administration, President Donald Trump promised Wednesday that more relief was on the way. Speaking at a Boeing factory in St. Louis with two fighter jets as his backdrop, Trump celebrated the impact of the tax cuts he signed into law last year and said...

  • Donald Trump Feb 8, 2018

    Dems Head to Midterms With Energized Base, Unsettled Agenda

    Democrats are heading into the November elections with an energized party base, an unpopular president to rail against and a growing wave of GOP retirements. Now they just need a clear message. In recent weeks, lawmakers have zigzagged from digging in against President Donald Trump — even forcing a government shutdown — to trying to cut deals. They’ve played to...

  • Donald Trump Jan 4, 2018

    Divided Democrats Face Liberal Backlash on Immigration

    With a new deadline approaching, Democrats in Congress are struggling to adopt a unified strategy to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. Democrats’ inaction has enraged liberal activists, who have shifted their anger away from the Republicans who run Congress. Democrats are trying to balance their commitment to a progressive priority with their desire to avoid a...

  • New York Dec 2, 2017

    Senate Votes to Block Special Break for Conservative College

    Senate Democrats on Friday successfully blocked a provision in the Republicans’ sweeping tax bill designed to give a special tax break to a conservative college in Michigan. Democrats said the tax break was designed to help just one politically-connected school: Hillsdale College in southern Michigan. “I can’t find anybody else in America who benefits from this particular provision. That doesn’t...

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