• Attorney General Nov 19, 2019

    Deval Patrick Defends Corporations and Capitalism in Primary Bid

    Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick is centering his fledgling campaign on a defense of corporations and capitalism that puts him directly at odds with some of the party’s most progressive figures.

  • Donald Trump Oct 14, 2019

    Census Bureau Seeks State Data, Including Citizenship Info

    The U.S. Census Bureau is asking states for drivers’ license records that typically include citizenship data and has made a new request for information on recipients of government assistance after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked plans to include a citizenship question in its 2020 population count. The two approaches, documented by The Associated Press, alarm civil rights activists. They caution...

  • car accident Oct 4, 2019

    ICE Agents Violated Own Rules That Protect Immigrant Veterans

    Even though the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has policies in place that can protect immigrant US veterans from deportation, NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit has learned that ICE officials have not regularly followed their own rules and failed to keep adequate records on veterans who are not citizens.

  • Europe Sep 6, 2019

    Singer Says Opera's Domingo Harassed Her, Grabbed Her Breast

    The glittering production was a high point of the Washington Opera’s 1999-2000 season: Jules Massenet’s “Le Cid,” about a legendary Spanish conqueror, starring a tenor legendary in his own right — Placido Domingo, then the company’s artistic director. The opera, also being filmed for broadcast on public television, was unquestionably a career break for a 28-year-old singer named Angela Turner...

  • Donald Trump Aug 6, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump on His Gun Control Record, Video Games

    President Donald Trump is distorting his record when it comes to gun control. Speaking out this week against two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, Trump asserted that his accomplishments in stemming gun violence stand out compared with previous presidents. He also suggested an unwavering commitment to improving mental health treatment. And he charged Monday that “gruesome and grisly video...

  • Donald Trump Jul 12, 2019

    Trump Issues Executive Order to Collect Citizenship Data From Federal Agencies

     The president’s fight to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census seems to have ended.

  • California Jun 21, 2019

    Appeals Court Allows Trump Abortion Rules to Take Effect

    New Trump administration rules imposing additional hurdles for women seeking abortions can take effect while the government appeals decisions that blocked them, a federal appeals court said Thursday. The rules ban taxpayer-funded clinics from making abortion referrals and prohibit clinics that receive federal money from sharing office space with abortion providers — a rule critics said would force many to...

  • Donald Trump May 27, 2019

    A Hefty Donation to Trump's Inaugural Committee Comes Under Scrutiny

    Real estate mogul Franklin Haney contributed $1 million to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee and all he’s got to show for the money is the glare of a federal investigation. The contribution from Haney, a prolific political donor, came as he was seeking regulatory approval and financial support from the government for his long-shot bid to acquire the mothballed Bellefonte...

  • Democratic party May 2, 2019

    Colorado Sen. Bennet Launches Democratic Presidential Bid

    U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado jumped into the packed Democratic presidential primary on Thursday, announcing a 2020 campaign that had been stalled while he was treated for prostate cancer. Bennet, a former head of Denver Public Schools who has carved out a reputation as a policy-oriented moderate, made his announcement on CBS’ “CBS This Morning,” saying the country faces...

  • Donald Trump Apr 28, 2019

    Trump's Executive Privilege Strategy Could Mean Messy Fight

    Since George Washington’s time, presidents have used executive privilege to resist congressional inquiries in the name of protecting the confidentiality of their decision-making. President Donald Trump threatened this past week to broadly assert executive privilege to block a number of current and former aides from testifying, including some who have cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. It’s a...

  • Twitter Apr 18, 2019

    US Rolling Back Cuba Policy With Restrictions on Remittances, Travel to Island

    The Trump administration is stepping up its crackdown again on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

  • George W. Bush Mar 25, 2019

    A More Skeptical High Court to Hear Redistricting Challenge

    Last year, proponents of limiting partisan politics in the creation of electoral districts needed to win over Justice Anthony Kennedy. They couldn’t. The issue is back before the Supreme Court again, with arguments on Tuesday, and it might be harder than ever to convince the justices to rein in the practice known as partisan gerrymandering, designing districts to benefit one...

  • Donald Trump Mar 15, 2019

    US Bars Entry of International Criminal Court Investigators

    The United States will revoke or deny visas to International Criminal Court personnel who try to investigate or prosecute alleged abuses committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan or elsewhere, and may do the same with those who seeking action against Israel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday. The Hague-based court, the first global tribunal for war crimes, said it...

  • Donald Trump Mar 10, 2019

    As Budget Deficit Balloons, Few in Washington Seem to Care

    The federal budget deficit is ballooning on President Donald Trump’s watch and few in Washington seem to care. And even if they did, the political dynamics that enabled bipartisan deficit-cutting deals decades ago has disappeared, replaced by bitter partisanship and chronic dysfunction. That’s the reality that will greet Trump’s latest budget, which will promptly be shelved after landing with a...

  • Donald Trump Jan 12, 2019

    President Trump Says He Won't Declare National Emergency ‘So Fast'

    President Donald Trump tamped down expectations that he is close to declaring a national emergency to get the money he desires to build his long-promised U.S.-Mexico border wall as a three-week impasse closing parts of the government continued on Friday. Meanwhile, some 800,000 federal employees, more than half still on the job, missed their first paycheck under a stoppage that...

  • New York Jan 7, 2019

    Democratic National Committee Chair Perez Prepares for Tough Primary

    Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is at the center of the biggest test his party has faced in recent history. The party has rebounded from its disastrous 2016 performance with key midterm victories, but now stares at a long and potentially divisive presidential primary fight that could include dozens of candidates. The DNC is rehabilitating from years of neglect...

  • author Jul 30, 2018

    Sanders' ‘Medicare for All' Would Cost $32.6 Trillion Over 10 Years: Study

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” plan would boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, requiring historic tax hikes, says a study released Monday by a university-based libertarian policy center. That’s trillion with a “T.” The latest plan from the Vermont independent would deliver significant savings on administration and drug costs, but increased demand for care would...

  • Donald Trump Jul 15, 2018

    Border Measures Part of Trump's Bigger Immigration Crackdown

    The separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border caught the attention of the world and prompted mass outrage, but it only tells a small part of the story surrounding the Trump administration’s immigration policy. In reality, the government is working to harden the system on multiple fronts to curb immigration, carving a path around various court rulings to do so....

  • California Jul 12, 2018

    Migrant Kids Housed in Phoenix Office Building

    Phoenix police officers were called twice over the past few months to an office building where migrant children have been detained and housed by a defense contractor.

  • Donald Trump Jun 17, 2018

    Fact Check: Trump on FBI, Phantom Law on Migrant Kids

    President Donald Trump is claiming exoneration in the Russia matter from a Justice Department report that actually offers him none. He’s also branding fired FBI chief James Comey a criminal, though the report in question makes no such accusation. Fallout from the internal report by the department’s inspector general capped a week of diplomacy with North Korea, trade spats on...

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