• Gangsta Gardener Oct 19

    The Gangsta Gardener Has a Lesson for You

    He calls himself the “Gangsta Gardener” because to him, nothing is more “gangsta” than air and soil which gives life. Ron Finley saw a dire need for fresh fruits and vegetables in his South Los Angeles neighborhood, now years later he has started several impactful organizations to educate communities on their most valuable asset—the ability to grow your own food....

  • South LA May 6

    Grow Your Own Food With LA's ‘Gangsta Gardener'

    With stay-at-home orders, and possible meat shortages at the grocery store because of the pandemic, one alternative is becoming more and more popular: growing your own food. For Ron Finley, growing his own food in his ‘Gangsta Garden’ in South LA has been his life for over a decade. He has gooseberries, Okinawan, New Zealand spinach, fava beans and wild…

  • coronavirus May 6

    LA ‘Gangsta Gardener' Explains How to Grow Food During Pandemic

    With meat and other foods sometimes hard to find during the pandemic, Ron Finley shows how his gardening habits are accessible to anyone. Ted Chen reports for the NBC4 News at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

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