Health and Human Services Secretary

  • Congo Sep 22, 2019

    UN Agency: Tanzania Not Sharing Details on Ebola-Like Cases

    The World Health Organization has issued an unusual statement raising questions about whether Tanzania is covering up possible cases of the deadly Ebola virus, a significant cause for concern during a regional outbreak that has been declared a rare global health emergency. The statement Saturday says Tanzania’s government “despite several requests” is refusing to share the results of its investigations...

  • Donald Trump Sep 27, 2017

    Trump Unhappy With Top Health Official Over Travel

    President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that he’s “not happy” with his top health official, putting Tom Price’s job in jeopardy after his costly charter flights triggered a congressional investigation of administration travel. Asked whether he’s planning on firing Price, Trump responded: “We’ll see.”

  • Donald Trump Sep 24, 2017

    Price to Stop Private Plane Use on Business During Review

    Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Saturday he will stop flying private planes on official business while an internal review of the flights is being done and that he welcomes the review. Price defended the practice of using private planes on Fox News. A spokeswoman has said Price tries to fly commercial whenever possible. The HHS inspector general’s...

  • Health and Human Services Department Jul 30, 2017

    Price: HHS Will Continue to ‘Follow the Law’

    Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that the administration will continue to “follow the law” when asked whether it was his job to continue to implement the Affordable Care Act as it was intended, NBC News reported. But he would not say whether subsidies for low-income insurance policies would continue. “Our job is...

  • Congress Jul 2, 2017

    Health Secretary on Trump Tweets: He Can ‘Do More Than One Thing at a Time’

    Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Sunday defended President Trump’s dedication to passing a new health care law after the president sent numerous tweets this week instead focused on attacking the press, NBC News reported. “The fact of the matter is that he can do more than one thing at a time,” Price said on NBC’s “Meet The...

  • Republican Party May 7, 2017

    Tom Price Defends Pre-Existing Coverage in GOP Health Plan

    Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Sunday firmly defended health care legislation passed in the House this week against charges that people who have pre-existing conditions could see their insurance premiums rise under some circumstances, NBC News reported. In a bill that cleared the House last week, states could seek waivers so insurers don’t have to charge people...

  • Donald Trump Mar 14, 2017

    Fact Check: Both Sides Loose With Facts in Health Debate

    The Congressional Budget Office report on a Republican health care bill has set off an intense reaction in Washington, and some on both sides of the debate are playing loose with the facts. Republicans are overlooking President Donald Trump’s promise to deliver “insurance for everybody,” which the CBO makes clear will not happen if the legislation becomes law. Democrats are...

  • Donald Trump Feb 16, 2017

    House GOP Weighs Options for New Approach to Health Law

    With the Republican drive to craft a new health care plan sputtering, House GOP leaders are offering options to rank-and-file lawmakers for replacing President Barack Obama’s health care law with a conservative approach dominated by tax breaks and a transition away from today’s Medicaid program. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and other House leaders planned to discuss details of their...

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