• Massachusetts Nov 24, 2019

    Pope Denounces ‘Evil' of Nukes as He Fulfills Japan Dream

    Pope Francis denounced the “evil” of nuclear weapons on Saturday as he began a three-day visit to Japan and fulfilled a dream to be a missionary in a land with a rich but bloody Christian past. The pope’s plane landed in the rain in Tokyo, where he received a small welcome at the airport before heading to the Vatican residence...

  • Chicago Jul 8, 2019

    Dumpster Filled With Hundreds of Classic Books Outside Chicago School Sparks Outrage

    A dumpster full of classic books seen outside a Chicago Public Schools high school this week has sparked an outcry on social media.

  • Suzanne Ciechalski Dec 11, 2018

    5 Missing Marines Declared Dead in Warplanes Crash Off Japan

    The U.S. military said Tuesday that five missing crew members have been declared dead after their refueling plane collided with a fighter jet last week off Japan’s southern coast, and that search and recovery operations have been halted. The five were on a KC-130 Hercules refueling aircraft that collided last Thursday with an F/A-18 Hornet during regular training. The warplanes...

  • NBC News Dec 7, 2018

    2 US Warplanes Crash Off Japan; 1 Dead, 5 Missing

    One of two crew members recovered after two U.S. warplanes collided and crashed off Japan’s coast early Thursday is dead and five others remain missing, the U.S. military said. The Marine Corps said the other recovered crew member was in fair condition.

  • media Nov 14, 2018

    BTS' Agency Apologizes for Atom-Bomb Shirt, Nazi-Emblem Hat

    The agency for K-pop superstars BTS apologized Wednesday for members wearing a T-shirt depicting the explosion of an atomic bomb and a hat with a Nazi emblem.

  • California Oct 8, 2018

    'Looks Like a Nuclear Explosion': Some Coffey Park Residents Say They Won't Be Coming Back

    Exiting U.S. Highway 101 North to get to Coffey Park, the signs of devastation are already obvious from the freeway. Row after row of scorched fields, trees and the occasional sign-post were destroyed in the fires locals say jumped the freeway and engulfed entire neighborhoods within seconds Sunday night.

  • electricity Sep 7, 2018

    Japan Quake Toll Up to 18 as Rescuers Dig Through Landslides

    The toll from an earthquake that rocked Japan’s northernmost main island of Hokkaido rose to 18 on Friday, and in one small town two dozen people remained unaccounted for after an entire mountainside collapsed on their homes. The region was slowly restoring transport links and power, with lights back in about half of the homes on the island after a...

  • Hiroshima Aug 6, 2018

    Hiroshima Marks 73rd Anniversary of Atomic Bombing in WWII

    Hiroshima marked the anniversary of the Aug. 6, 1945, atomic bombing of the city with a somber ceremony Monday to remember those killed and injured and a call to eliminate nuclear weapons amid hopes of denuclearizing North Korea. Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui opened his speech by describing the hellish scene of the blast that morning 73 years ago and the...

  • Hiroshima Jul 29, 2018

    Tropical Storm Hits Japan, Heads for Hard-Hit Western Region

    A tropical storm in Japan disrupted transportation and knocked out power to thousands of homes in its path as it headed west toward a region still recovering from devastating rains earlier this month. At least 16 people have been injured, according to a tally by Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK. Tropical Storm Jongdari made landfall about 1 a.m. Sunday in central...

  • Europe Jul 10, 2018

    Over 150 Dead in Japan Floods; Many Out of Power, Water

    Rescuers were combing through mud-covered hillsides and along riverbanks Tuesday searching for dozens of people missing after heavy rains unleashed flooding and mudslides in southwestern Japan, where the death toll has exceeded 150. More than 50 people were unaccounted for as of Tuesday evening, many in the hardest-hit Hiroshima area. At Akira Tanimoto’s apartment complex, about a dozen victims have...

  • Hiroshima Jul 10, 2018

    Rescuers Search for Dozens Still Missing After Deadly Japan Floods

    Rescuers in southwestern Japan dug up more bodies Monday as they searched for dozens still missing after heavy rains caused severe flooding and left residents to return to their homes unsure where to start the cleanup. More than 100 people were confirmed dead in the disaster. Minoru Katayama, 86, rushed back to his home in Mabi city, in Okayama prefecture,...

  • China Mar 25, 2018

    Obama, in Japan, Says North Korea's Isolation Means Less Leverage

    Former President Barack Obama said Sunday that negotiations with North Korea on its nuclear weapons program are difficult, partly because the country’s isolation minimizes possible leverage, such as trade and travel sanctions against Pyongyang. “North Korea is an example of a country that is so far out of the international norms and so disconnected with the rest of the world,”...

  • Norway Dec 10, 2017

    Peace Laureate Urges World to ‘See the Light' and Ban Nukes

    A survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima compared her struggle to survive in 1945 to the objectives of the group awarded this year’s Nobel’s Peace Prize during a formal presentation Sunday. Setsuko Thurlow, who was 13 years old when the U.S. bomb devastated her Japanese city during the final weeks of World War II, spoke in Oslo, Norway as...

  • Hawaii Dec 7, 2017

    Pearl Harbor Survivors Remember Those Killed 76 Years Ago

    Survivors gathered Thursday at the site of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to remember fellow servicemen killed in the early morning raid 76 years ago, paying homage to the thousands who died with a solemn ceremony marking the surprise bombing that plunged the U.S. into World War II. About 20 survivors attended the event at a grassy looking overlooking...

  • China Sep 6, 2017

    Nuclear Standoff in Korea: What Is a Hydrogen Bomb?

    North Korea says it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb in its latest nuclear test Sunday. Outside experts haven’t been able to verify that claim, but say it’s plausible. If true, it would represent a major step forward in North Korea’s effort to develop a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States. A hydrogen bomb can be far more powerful...

  • The Associated Press Aug 8, 2017

    Haruo Nakajima, Who Played the Original 1954 Godzilla, Dies

    He stomped over miniature bridges and buildings in a rubber suit and gave the world Godzilla, the fire-breathing, screeching monster that became Japan’s star cultural export and an enduring symbol of the pathos and destruction of the nuclear age.

  • Pakistan Mar 29, 2017

    Nuke Testing 101: How, Why North Korea Tests Its Bombs

    Let’s say you’re North Korea and you have this nuclear device you really want to test. And let’s say you’d rather some of the more sensitive details remain private. Physicists, geologists, imagery analysts, some of the best militaries in the world, monitoring posts set up by non-proliferation organizations — beating the technology arrayed against you will be no mean feat....

  • Barack Obama Dec 7, 2016

    Japanese Leader Abe to Visit Pearl Harbor With Obama

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday he will visit Pearl Harbor with U.S. President Barack Obama at the end of this month, becoming the first leader of his country to go to the U.S. Naval base in Hawaii that Japan attacked in 1941, propelling the United States into World War II. The unexpected announcement came two days before the...

  • Los Angeles Jan 7, 2016

    Mystery Surrounds Kenta Maeda's Health as Dodgers Introduce Newest Import

    The Dodgers introduced Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda during a press conference on Thursday, but the mystery surrounding the right-hander’s health stayed a mystery.

  • Twitter Aug 10, 2015

    Disney Apologizes Over Tweet on Nagasaki A-Bomb Anniversary

    Walt Disney Japan apologized Monday after a tweet sent from its corporate Twitter account wished readers “congratulations on a not special day” on the 70th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki....
    The company on Monday offered “deep apologies for causing discomfort,” saying it would take care to manage the Twitter account more carefully. In English, the tweet sent Sunday...

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