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  • NBC News Apr 30, 2019

    Indian Army Claims It Found Yeti Footprints in the Himalayas

    Massive footsteps found in the Himalayas appear to belong to a yeti, the Indian army claimed Monday. NBC News reported that the 32-inch-long footsteps in the snow were found near the base camp of Mount Makalu, the world’s fifth-highest mountain, on April 9. The photographs were taken by the Indian army’s mountaineering team and were passed on to “the scientific...

  • India Mar 3, 2019

    First Lull in Kashmir Since Latest India-Pakistan Escalation

    Residents near the disputed boundary in divided Kashmir region said Sunday it was quiet overnight, their first lull since a dangerous escalation between Pakistan and India erupted last week bringing the two nuclear-armed rivals close to full-out war. Many villagers used the calm in Pakistani-held Kashmir to leave their homes in Chakoti area along the so-called Line of Control, the...

  • India Feb 27, 2019

    Pakistan Says 2 Indian Warplanes Downed, Pilot Captured

    Pakistan’s military said Wednesday it shot down two Indian warplanes in the disputed region of Kashmir and captured a pilot, answering an airstrike a day earlier by Indian fighter jets inside Pakistan and raising tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals to a level unseen in two decades. Within hours Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan went on television urging peace talks with...

  • India Nov 22, 2017

    Indian Army Puts 58 Men on a Single Motorcycle to Break Their Own World Record

    The Indian Army broke the world record for most people on a moving motorcycle, beating their own record from four years ago.

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