• Islam May 25

    Muslims Begin Eid al-Fitr Celebration

    Eid al-Fitr, the three-day holiday marking the end of the monthlong fast for Ramadan, continues Monday with in-home prayers substituting for communal prayers at mosques because of the coronavirus outbreak. The Fiqh Council of North America, a council of Islamic legal scholars in the United States and Canada, has called on mosques and Islamic centers to “strictly follow the health…

  • Islam Apr 26

    Practices for Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan Affected by Coronavirus

    Most observant Muslims began fasting for Ramadan on Friday, the holy month commemorating the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar during when Muslim adults fast from dawn until dusk, unless they are ill, pregnant, diabetic, breastfeeding or traveling. Fasting is one of the “five pillars” of Islam,…

  • coronavirus Feb 27

    Saudi Arabia Halts Pilgrimage; Iran Vice President Has Virus

    Saudi Arabia has halted travel to Islam’s holiest sites over fears about a new viral epidemic months ahead of the hajj pilgrimage.

  • Los Angeles May 22, 2019

    Reseda Terror Suspect Indicted on Federal Charges

    A Reseda man who allegedly plotted to carry out a terrorist bombing during a Long Beach political rally was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday on charges of providing material support to terrorists and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

  • May 1, 2019

    FBI Says Paid Undercover Operative Helped Catch Suspect

    The FBI used a confidential informant to help nab the man accused of threatening to attack the Santa Monica Pier. Eric Leonard reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

  • Iran Apr 14, 2019

    Iranian Woman Who Removed Her Headscarf Sentenced to Year in Prison

    An Iranian woman who removed her obligatory Islamic headscarf in a public protest has been sentenced to one year in prison but pardoned by the supreme leader, her lawyer said Sunday. A court sentenced Vida Movahed in March after finding her guilty of encouraging public “corruption,” her lawyer, Payam Derefshan, told The Associated Press. Movahed was arrested in November. Derefshan,...

  • Donald Trump Mar 16, 2019

    Trump Doesn't See White Nationalism as a Rising Threat

    President Donald Trump on Friday declined to join expressions of concern about white nationalism, saying “I don’t, really” when asked whether he thought it was a rising threat around the world.

  • Supreme Court Jun 26, 2018

    Trump Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling Upholding His Travel Ban

    President Trump reacted to the Supreme Court’s ruling Tuesday morning upholding the third version of his travel ban during a meeting with lawmakers that was focusing on immigration.

  • Islam Jun 15, 2018

    What Is Eid al-Fitr and How Do Muslims Celebrate?

    For Muslims all over the world, June 15 marks Eid al-Fitr, the holiday at the end of Ramadan’s month of fasting. It brings festivals, food, gifts and prayers.

  • head May 8, 2018

    US Military Wives Thought They Were Being Threatened by ISIS, But It Was Russian Hackers

    The Associated Press has found evidence that five military wives who received death threats in 2015 were targeted not by jihadists but by the same Russian hacking group that intervened in the American election and exposed the emails of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta....
    The brazen false flag is a case study in the difficulty of assigning blame in...

  • chemical weapons Apr 18, 2018

    UN Team Fired on at Site of Alleged Gas Attack in Syria

    Assailants opened fire at a U.N. security team visiting the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, an official said Wednesday, forcing it to retreat to its base and further delaying a fact-finding mission by outside experts to examine the claims. Gunmen shot at the U.N. team in Douma on Tuesday and detonated an explosive, leading it to...

  • Donald Trump Apr 9, 2018

    Suspected Poison Gas Kills at Least 40 in Damascus Suburb

    Suspected poison gas was used to attack the last remaining foothold for the Syrian opposition in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, killing at least 40 people, including families found in their homes and shelters, opposition activists and local rescuers said Sunday. The attack on the besieged town of Douma came almost exactly a year after a chemical attack in the...

  • Middle East Nov 3, 2017

    ‘Slow Down': Journal Shows Bin Laden Upset by Timing, Pace of Arab Spring

    A journal made public by the CIA and apparently handwritten by one of Osama bin Laden’s daughters offers a glimpse into how the al-Qaida leader viewed the world around him and reveals his deep interest in the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions unfolding in the months before he was killed in a U.S. raid. He talks about Libya becoming a pathway...

  • attorney Nov 3, 2017

    For Some, ‘Allahu Akbar' Means Terrorism; Here's What It Means to Muslims

    The suspect in Tuesday’s New York City attack shouted “Allahu akbar,” witnesses said, after killing eight people by driving a truck down a bicycle lane near the World Trade Center. The gunmen who struck at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris in 2015 yelled the Arabic phrase, as did the driver of a van who plowed into crowds in Barcelona...

  • Europe Jun 7, 2017

    London Attacker's Mom Blames Internet for Radicalizing Son

    The youngest of the London Bridge attackers pleaded with his mother to settle with him in Syria but instead moved to Britain where his extremist views hardened and he fell into the company of a bloodthirsty gang that launched the latest attack on British streets, his mother said Wednesday. Valeria Khadija Collina last spoke with her 22-year-old son, Youssef Zaghba,...

  • Islam May 31, 2017

    Owners of Muhammad Ali's Boyhood Home Warn of Possible Closing, Seek Landmark Status

    The owners who restored Muhammad Ali’s boyhood home in Kentucky and opened it as a museum say it may have to close because of financial difficulties. The pink home where Ali — known then as Cassius Clay — dreamed of boxing greatness has drawn more than 10,000 visitors since opening last year in Louisville. Co-owners George Bochetto and Jared Weiss...

  • Donald Trump May 18, 2017

    US: More Immigrants Arrested, Fewer Deported Under Trump

    The number of people arrested by immigration agents in the early months of the Trump administration increased dramatically and is up nearly 40 percent compared to last year. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says agents arrested 41,300 immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally during a 100-day period from Jan. 22 to April 29. The agency said Wednesday that...

  • hate crime Apr 19, 2017

    Possible Hate Crime Targets Muslims In North Park

    A possible hate crime is now under investigation after a Muslim man found death threats towards Muslims spray-painted on the wall of a business in San Diego’s North Park community.

  • Islam Mar 29, 2017

    Documentarian Ken Burns Making Film on Muhammad Ali

    The late Muhammad Ali is getting the Ken Burns treatment. The PBS documentarian announced Tuesday that he and two partners will make a two-part, four-hour film about the former heavyweight champ, who died last June. Burns, his daughter Sarah and David McMahon collaborated for a PBS documentary on Jackie Robinson that debuted last year. The tentative plan is to air...

  • head Mar 8, 2017

    Nike Debuts Hijab Pro Line for Muslim Women Athletes

    Nike announced its official launch of the Nike Pro Hijab line, a head cover designed for athletic Muslim women, after speaking with several top-tier female Muslim athletes across the world. The Nike Pro Hijab has been a year in the making and follows the brand’s introduction to Middle Eastern stores, collections inspired by Nike’s roster of elite female athletes, women’s...

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