• recipes 13 hours ago

    Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe

    Sheet pan pancakes may be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Instead of standing in the kitchen flipping pancakes over and over, nutritionist Ashley Reinke-Hawk shows “California Live” how to make one large, low-maintenance, pancake that quickly cooks in the oven. Watch to get the recipe with colorful toppings to liven up your summer.

  • Technology Jun 23

    5 Tech Gadgets for Summer That You'll Actually Use

    How would you like to spend your summers with backyard movie nights? Tech columnist Jenn Jolly gives us the scoop on the must-have products for the summer including a video projector, foldable outdoor chair for beach days, a wearable neck fan to get you through the heat, and more awesome goodies for an action-packed summer.

  • Pride Month Jun 22

    World's Largest LGBTQ Film Festival

    As part of Pride Month “California Live” talks to the director of Frameline Film Festival, an organization with the mission to change the world through queer cinema. We hear about some of this year’s 100 film titles which highlight what it means to exist in the world as an LBGTQ person. Check out in-person film screenings on June 26th and...

  • Malou Nubla Jun 19

    Hydration Hacks: Fun Ways to Drink More Water

    Summer is almost here which means hot days are around the corner. Staying hydrated is key to avoiding fatigue, but let’s be honest, drinking eight glasses of water can get monotonous. “California Live” chats with Ashley Reinke on her best hydration hacks that will motivate you to drink enough H20 throughout the day (she had us at Watermelon Cucumber...

  • Beauty Jun 17

    The Post-Covid Hair Trend Everyone Is Doing

    With many of us coming out of lockdown we are ready to get back to the salons. “California Live” gets the scoop on current hair trends from beauty and barber expert Berlin. He explains why there has been a pivot towards the effortless look. Watch and find out how to make your hair look healthy and natural with the low-maintenance...

  • Father's Day Jun 8

    Tech Gift Guide for Dad

    Father’s Day is around the corner and if you’re looking for gift ideas tech-life columnist Jenn Jolly has you covered. As an expert in new tech, she shares with “California Live” the best new gifting products perfect for a fun family summer including a smart wood grill, TV, earphones, and more.

  • Health & Science Jun 7

    What Does ‘FONO' Mean?

    Dr. Deborah Gilboa, or Dr. G, is an expert on the psychology of socialization. Dr. G teaches “California Live” how to say “no” to post-pandemic social activities you’re just not ready for. She shares tangible pointers like what to say, how to say it, and to remember that saying “no” does not mean you’re ending a relationship. Plus, learn about...

  • Health & Science Jun 4

    Trying to Conceive? Do This First

    Not surprisingly, the pandemic brought on low pregnancy rates with many hesitant to conceive during an unsettling time. Now, couples are ready to get pregnant. “California Live” talks to Nurse Barb Dehn about what to do when you’re trying to conceive including vitamins to take, testing, or making a preconception visit with your doctor.

  • Experience Jun 2

    Candlelight Concerts Are Like No Other Experience

    Listening to live classical music surrounded by flickering candlelight is a magical human experience. “California Live” hears about Candlelight Concerts by Fever—an organization that is putting on beautiful concerts around the world, including 50 countries and counting, in unique city locations. Watch to find out how they carefully select the classical music lineup.

  • travel May 26

    The Most Spectacular Light Installation You'll Ever See

    Sensorio’s light installation will give you chills. Located in Paso Robles the spectacle is made up of 58,000 lights, designed by lighting artist Bruce Munro, that run on solar power. After dusk, art, technology, and nature intersect for an out-of-this-world experience. As part of “California Live’s” girl trip, Dani and Malou walk through the light towers.

  • travel May 26

    Dani and Malou Drink Wine Straight Out of the Barrel

    The girl’s trip just keeps getting better. “California Live’s” Dani and Malou take a ride to an enormous barrel room on Daou Mountain’s property to take in all the scents of cabernet, aging, and French oak. In honor of Malou’s birthday they get educated on the aging process and enjoy a wine tasting straight out of the barrel....

  • travel May 26

    Wine Tasting With a View on Daou Mountain

    Next stop on the girl’s trip is Daou Mountain–the location of Daou winery which makes up 220 acres just inland of the ocean where incredible cabernet wine can grow. “California Live’s” Dani and Malou learn the history of the vineyard and how they are able to grow award-winning wine in a nontraditional cab country.

  • travel May 26

    Dani and Malou Road Trip to the Central Coast

    After a year of separation, and now fully vaccinated, “California Live’s” Dani and Malou eagerly meet each other in the middle of the state for a girl’s trip to San Luis Obispo. First stop is the outdoor bar at the casual chic Hotel SLO for a celebratory toast followed by a food tasting with the chef. Here’s to a great...

  • Health & Science May 25

    Who Should You Tell You're Vaccinated?

    Maybe you just received the vaccine, or maybe you’ve decided to wait, either way as you get back out into the world you have to figure out how to appropriately discuss your vaccine status with friends, coworkers, or strangers. “California Live” talks to Resilience Expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa about how to reveal your private health information and the responses to...

  • Health & Science May 19

    We're in the Yellow Tier, So Now What?

    There is a true reason to celebrate as the pandemic eases—cases are going down, businesses are opening up, and in Los Angeles alone 8 million people have been vaccinated. “California Live” talks to Nurse Barb Dehn about how to act now that we’re in the yellow tier, including managing post-pandemic relationships.

  • recipes May 15

    Chamomile Cookies Recipe

    So many of us are looking for ways to incorporate calm into our daily lives. Luckily, certain soothing herbs can make their way into enjoyable treats. Nutritionist Ashley Reinke-Hawk shows “California Live” how to make chamomile cookies. Watch to get the recipe and how-to. Spoiler alert: One of the secret healthy ingredients includes white beans (tastes better than it sounds).

  • food and drink May 15

    Lemonade Infused With Coffee? Yes, Please

    Meet the owner and entrepreneur of Gourmonade—a specialty juice shop in San Francisco that features 60 different flavors of lemonade (he had us at “coffee lemonade”).“California Live” gets schooled on the different types of lemons, how to pick out the best ones, and how to make the best lemonade you’ll ever taste.

  • explore May 11

    Transport Yourself to Africa at Safari West

    Many of us dream of going on an authentic safari to marvel at the animals and feel worlds away. Safari West, located in Santa Rosa, provides that wild experience with 400 acres of land full of exotic animals that run free. “California Live’s” Malou Nubla takes a ride on the safari truck to learn fun facts about some of the...

  • Money May 10

    How to Heal Your Financial Woes of 2020

    Many of us have struggled financially over this past year from job loss to salary cuts. “California Live” speaks with CPA and tax expert Wendy Barlin about how to recover financially after a rough time period. She explains why it’s important to financially pace yourself as businesses begin to reopen. Plus, she offers effective strategies on how to manage...

  • Mother's Day May 7

    Happy Mother's Day to ‘California Live' Moms!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of “California Live’s” mamas. Watch to see pictures of our moms with their littles. We love and respect our moms and recognize all the hard work they do to raise kind humans. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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