• Orange County Feb 4

    Reputed Mexican Mafia OC Chief and Four Others to Stand Trial on Murder

    Reputed Orange County Mexican Mafia chief Johnny Martinez and four co-defendants were ordered Thursday to stand trial for an alleged conspiracy planned and organized within state prison with smuggled-in cell phones to kill a reputed drug dealer who was targeted for not paying “taxes” to the gang.

  • Mexican Mafia Mar 3, 2020

    Mexican Mafia ‘Shot Caller' Gets Life Sentence

    A Los Angeles-area man described as a “shotcaller” or high-level member of the Mexican Mafia prison gang was sentenced Monday to life plus 30 years in federal prison for racketeering, violence and drug crimes. Forty-one-year-old Jose Loza of Whittier was sentenced for allegedly overseeing Mexican Mafia control over street gangs in Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Riverside and Stockton. Prosecutors say…

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