• Donald Trump May 9, 2019

    Congressional Leaders Eye Restoring Automatic Pay Hike

    A handful of senior House lawmakers, frustrated by a decade of frozen congressional salaries, are quietly exploring whether to accept an annual pay raise that they’ve shunned since Barack Obama was first president. It’s a longshot at best, requiring comity that’s in short supply in a Capitol riven with partisanship. More than two-thirds of House members have never gotten a...

  • Donald Trump Mar 28, 2019

    Adviser and Allies Warning Trump Against Issuing Pardons

    The end of the special counsel’s investigation sparked fresh speculation that President Donald Trump might pardon some of those charged in the probe. It’s also spawned a don’t-go-there chorus from some of Trump’s closest advisers and GOP allies. They’re warning that pardons could ignite a political firestorm that overshadows what Trump sees as a moment of triumph. Trump mused about...

  • Donald Trump Dec 27, 2018

    Wrapping Year 2, Trump Changes Washington and How It's Seen

    Mr. Trump went to Washington. And he changed it. In his first two years in office, President Donald Trump has rewritten the rules of the presidency and the norms of the nation’s capital, casting aside codes of conduct and traditions that have held for generations. In Trump’s Washington, facts are less relevant. Insults and highly personal attacks are increasingly employed...

  • Donald Trump Apr 21, 2018

    Haley's Response: ‘I Don't Get Confused' Draws Notice

    The public split between the White House and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley this week over Russia sanctions threw a spotlight on her at-times uneasy relationship with President Donald Trump, even as her deft rebuttal bolstered talk about her own future political fortunes. Haley’s rejoinder to a putdown from a close Trump adviser about message confusion — she declared that “I...

  • Donald Trump Mar 19, 2018

    Again the Question: Could Armed Teachers Stop Shootings?

    Utah teacher Kasey Hansen says carrying a concealed weapon in school is “more of a solution” than hiding in a corner and waiting if an armed intruder enters the classroom. But Texas teacher Tara Bordeaux worries that she lacks “the instincts” of a law enforcement officer and can’t easily see herself carrying a gun in class. Both say carrying a...

  • Donald Trump Sep 4, 2017

    Trump to End DACA, Put Fate of Dreamers in Congress' Hands: Sources

    President Donald Trump is expected to announce that he will end protections for young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children — but with a six-month delay, two sources familiar with the decision told NBC News. The delay in the formal dismantling of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program, would be intended to give...

  • Donald Trump Sep 1, 2017

    White House Says Trump's DACA Announcement Coming Tuesday

    The White House says President Donald Trump will announce a decision Tuesday on the fate of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children — immigrants the president is calling “terrific” and says he loves.

  • Donald Trump Aug 24, 2017

    Facing Big Fights, Kelly Seeks to Restore White House Order

    In his first month on the job, White House chief of staff John Kelly has made significant progress toward imposing discipline on a chaotic operation, even as it’s clear he still struggles to have the same effect on the president himself. The White House is a less contentious place and decision-making is becoming more orderly under Kelly’s thumb, according to...

  • Donald Trump Aug 12, 2017

    Trump Meets Crisis With Familiar Bluster, Risk: Analysis

    A nuclear showdown. The world’s most unpredictable foe. A world on edge. What will the new president do? Be Trump. Faced with perhaps his gravest international crisis yet, President Donald Trump this week responded precisely as his some of supporters hoped and his critics long feared. The mix of plain-spoken bluster, spontaneity and norm-breaking risk that defined his political rise...

  • Donald Trump May 15, 2017

    Trump Taps Callista Gingrich to Be Ambassador to the Vatican

    The Trump administration has approached the wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, days before President Donald Trump embarks on his first foreign trip. Trump will nominate Callista Gingrich for the post, two people with direct knowledge of the discussions said Monday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they...

  • Donald Trump Jan 27, 2017

    ‘She's Disgusting': Trump Slams Madonna for Rally Comments Talking about ‘Blowing Up' White House

    Donald Trump went after pop star Madonna Thursday night in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, calling the star “disgusting” for controversial comments she made at last weekend’s Women’s March in Washington D.C.

  • Donald Trump Jan 25, 2017

    White House, Trump Organization Name Ethics Advisers

    President Donald Trump and his hotel and real estate business on Wednesday separately named ethics counselors, the latest step in the president’s plan to address conflicts-of-interest concerns that arise from his decision to maintain financial ties to his company. Trump selected Washington attorney Stefan Passantino as his White House ethics adviser, press secretary Sean Spicer said. The announcement came the...

  • Donald Trump Jan 21, 2017

    Madonna at DC Women's March: ‘Good Will Win in the End'

    Madonna joined the Women’s March in Washington, DC. She spoke about love. “It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort. That justice would prevail and that good would win in the end,” Madonna said. “Good did not win this election. But good will win in the end.”

  • Donald Trump Nov 29, 2016

    For-Profit Colleges Expect Fortunes to Improve Under Trump

    After nearing collapse under the Obama administration, the for-profit college industry is celebrating Donald Trump’s election as a chance for a rebound. As stock prices for some of the nation’s largest college chains have surged, industry lobbyists say they have received a warm welcome from Trump’s transition team and already have launched a campaign to rebrand the embattled industry as...

  • Mike Pence Jul 17, 2016

    At Welcome Rally, Pence Calls Trump ‘A Good Man'

    Surrounded by family, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence spoke briefly to several hundred people who were gathered at an Indianapolis airplane hangar as he arrived after being formally introduced as Donald Trump’s running mate. The less-than-half-full hangar was devoid of any campaign signs or other hints that Pence is now a part of the Republican presidential ticket, aside from the music....

  • Donald Trump Jul 5, 2016

    Trump's VP Shortlist Heavy With Washington Insiders

    Republican Donald Trump’s vice presidential short list is heavy with Washington insiders who could help usher a President Trump’s agenda through the jungle of Congress. He has narrowed it to a handful of contenders fewer than two weeks before the GOP is expected to nominate him for president. But who would be Trump’s running mate is also a question of...

  • Cancer May 29, 2015

    Timeline of Career of Ex-US House Speaker Dennis Hastert

    Before the indictment was handed down Thursday, former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert was remarkable for being a little-known state lawmaker from suburban Chicago who rose to the third-highest office in the land.

  • Donald Trump Mar 25, 2014

    Pistorius Trial: Messages Show Couple's Affection

    The prosecution has rested its case in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial and the court is adjourned until Friday, NBC News reported. Earlier Tuesday, Pistorus’ lawyer showed in court affectionate text messages between the double amputee athlete and his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Steenkamp connected to the Internet on her cellular telephone hours before Pistorius killed her, an expert from the...

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