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  • London Oct 27, 2019

    Masterpiece Found in French Woman’s Kitchen Sells for $26.6M

    An old painting found in the kitchen of an elderly French woman, who considered it an icon of little importance, has made her a multimillionaire. The work, a masterpiece attributed to the 13th-century Italian painter Cimabue that was discovered earlier this year, sold for 24 million euros ($26.6 million) Sunday. Dominique Le Coent of Acteon Auction House, who sold the...

  • City News Service Jun 20, 2019

    Women’s World Cup Viewing Parties Set Throughout LA County

    The party at The Fields LA, the food court attached to Banc of California Stadium, will begin at noon, coinciding with the start of the Group F game from Stade Oceane in Le Havre in northern France.

  • France Dec 16, 2018

    Tear Gas in Paris, but Fewer Protesters and Bigger Demands

    A protest movement that has brought the French into the streets for five Saturdays in a row in a major challenge to President Emmanuel Macron lost momentum in its latest nationwide outcry, but the smaller crowds pushed fervently for one of their expanding demands, a citizen’s referendum to help define policy. The most resonant call Saturday was a leap from...

  • France Dec 15, 2018

    Scuffles With Police in Paris But Protest Mostly Peaceful

    Scuffles broke out between protesters and police in central Paris on Saturday on the sidelines of a largely peaceful demonstration, during the fifth straight weekend of protests by the “yellow vest” movement. Riot police fired small amounts of tear gas to disperse groups of protesters who headed down the side streets off the French capital’s famed Champs-Elysees boulevard, some with...

  • Donald Trump Nov 9, 2018

    100 Years After WWI’s End, Leaders to Mark Armistice in Paris

    Paris, the City of Light, always was the grandest prize of World War I, either to conquer or defend. So it is only fitting that when victors and vanquished meet to mark the centennial of the armistice this weekend, the biggest ceremony should be on the famed Champs-Elysees at the Arc de Triomphe. About 60 leaders will mark the cease-fire...

  • Donald Trump Apr 30, 2018

    France Roots Out Why Trump-Macron Friendship Tree Vanished

    The French president’s office says there’s nothing mysterious about the disappearance of an oak tree he planted on the White House lawn. It was put in quarantine, like other plants or animals brought into U.S. territory. The sapling was a gift from French President Emmanuel Macron for his state visit to U.S. President Donald Trump last...

  • France Apr 23, 2018

    Paris Attacks Suspect Gets 20 Years in Related Case

    A Belgian court on Monday found 2015 Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam and an accomplice guilty of attempted murder over shots fired at police as they sought to avoid arrest in Brussels. The court handed both Abdeslam, Europe’s most wanted fugitive at the time, and Sofiane Ayari the maximum 20-year sentence. It said the “terror character” was clearly established in...

  • France Apr 27, 2017

    Analysis: Finally, Crystal-Clear Clarity in French Election

    When France’s presidential election turned into a political boxing match this week at the gates of an appliance factory threatened with closure, the far-right populist Marine Le Pen showed that she wields a mean right hook. Her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron, a political neophyte contesting his first election, demonstrated that he can take a solid punch to the chin. Before...

  • New York Sep 6, 2016

    Frenchwoman Who Received World’s 1st Face Transplant Dies at 49

    Isabelle Dinoire, a Frenchwoman who received the world’s first partial face transplant, has died 11 years after the surgery that set the stage for dozens of other transplants worldwide. She was 49. The Amiens University Hospital in northern France said in a statement Tuesday that Dinoire died in April after a long illness. The hospital didn’t release any further details...

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