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  • Penn State University Jan 15

    Lawsuit Accuses Penn State Players of Hazing Teammate, Invoking Sandusky’s Name

    A former Penn State football player claims in a lawsuit that Nittany Lions players hazed him and other younger teammates by imitating sexual acts in the shower and invoking Jerry Sandusky’s name.

  • Nov 20, 2019

    AMA Calls for Total Ban on All E-Cigarette, Vaping Products

    The American Medical Association on Tuesday called for an immediate ban on all electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. The group adopted the sweeping stance at a policy-making meeting in San Diego. It aims to lobby for state and federal laws, regulations or legal action to achieve a ban, but the industry is sure to fight back.

  • Sep 4, 2019

    Study Finds Carving Up School Districts Worsens Segregation

    A new study finds that the carving out of new school districts in the South is increasingly dividing white students from their black and Latino peers, reinforcing segregation. The study examines 18 districts created since 2000 across Alabama, around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and around Memphis, Tennessee. The study found that an increasing share of segregation between black and white students...

  • Sep 1, 2019

    Filmmaker Nate Parker Apologizes for Being ‘Tone Deaf’

    Three years ago, filmmaker Nate Parker came under scrutiny for a rape allegation from his college days that essentially derailed the release of his Nat Turner film “The Birth of a Nation.” Now, with a new film about police brutality debuting at the Venice Film International Film Festival, he is apologizing for how he responded then. “Standing here today at...

  • Mar 6, 2019

    School Lessons Increasingly a Target for Climate Skeptics

    A Connecticut lawmaker wants to strike climate change from state science standards. A Virginia legislator worries teachers are indoctrinating students with their personal views on global warming. And an Oklahoma state senator wants educators to be able to introduce alternative ideas without fear of losing their jobs. As climate change becomes a hotter topic in American classrooms, politicians around the...

  • Feb 27, 2019

    Could R. Kelly Insiders Be Exposed to Criminal Liability in Sex Abuse Case?

    After R. Kelly met a girl celebrating her 16th birthday at a restaurant, it was his manager who handed her Kelly’s business card with the R&B star’s personal phone number on it, telling the teen that Kelly wanted her to give him a call, according to prosecutors.

  • Feb 2, 2019

    Parents of Penn State Student Hazed to Death Sue 28 Frat Members

    The parents of a Penn State University student who died while pledging a fraternity in 2017 filed a lawsuit Thursday against 28 members of the organization, NBC News reports. Jim and Evelyn Piazza are suing the Beta Theta Pi fraternity brothers who organized and participated in the party where their son, Timothy Piazza, fatally fell down the stairs and was...

  • Jan 25, 2019

    Gunman Kills 3, Wounds 1 Near Penn State Before Fatally Shooting Himself

    A gunman opened fire at a hotel bar near Penn State’s main campus, killing two men and wounding a woman, broke into a stranger’s house and fatally shot the 83-year-old homeowner, and then killed himself, authorities said. The initial shooting happened just after 10 p.m. Thursday at P.J. Harrigan’s Bar & Grill in State College, about 2 miles (3 kilometers)...

  • Sep 5, 2018

    Parents of Penn State Pledge Who Died After Hazing Reach Settlement With Frat

    The parents of a Penn State fraternity pledge who died last year after a night of hazing and drinking reached a settlement with the frat and announced sweeping reforms Tuesday.

  • Aug 29, 2018

    Their Sons Died. Now They’re on a Mission to End Fraternity Hazing

    A group of parents whose sons died from or were affected by fraternity hazing incidents have banded together to strengthen laws and policies and to appeal directly to fraternity members to stop the potentially dangerous practice, NBC News reported. The first goal of the Anti-Hazing Coalition is to pass legislation in Pennsylvania named for Tim Piazza that would punish hazing...

  • Aug 28, 2018

    Green Gig: Get Paid to Eat Avocados

    Southern California avocado lovers: You may have found the most cost-effective way to eat the magical, traditionally pricey fruit and get paid to do it. Loma Linda University is looking for people to eat avocados – in large quantities and small quantities – as part of a study, and they’re paying participants.

  • Aug 22, 2018

    Philadelphia Teen Killed Rising Track Star After Attempted Break-In, Police Say

    Two teens were arrested Wednesday in the brutal killing of a Philadelphia high school track star who died the same day he was set to begin his freshman year of college, investigators said.

  • Jan 26, 2018

    Some Liken Michigan State to Penn State Amid Abuse Scandal

    Sports doctor Larry Nassar is on his way to prison for the rest of his life for molesting scores of young female athletes, but the scandal is far from over at Michigan State University as victims, lawmakers and a judge demand to know why he wasn’t stopped years ago. Some are likening Michigan State to Penn State University, where three...

  • Jan 8, 2018

    4 Ex-Fraternity Members Get Jail, Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Banned From Pennsylvania Over Pledge’s Hazing Death

    Four New York City men were given jail sentences Monday in the death of a 19-year-old fraternity pledge during a 2013 hazing ritual in Pennsylvania and the Pi Delta Psi fraternity was banned from Pennsylvania for 10 years and ordered to pay a fine of more than $110,000 for its role in the pledge’s death.

  • Dec 20, 2017

    Why Kim Jong Un Won’t Try to Upend the Olympics: Analysis

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is not likely to disrupt the Olympic Games in February if for no other reason than he is fond of winter sports, according to experts who have studied the reclusive, nuclear-armed leader. His string of missile tests in 2017 cast a pall over preparations for the games in nearby Pyeongchang, leading to some confusion from...

  • Dec 15, 2017

    Golden Globes’ Best Television Show Nominations

    See the 2018 Golden Globes nominations for Best Television Show.

  • Nov 19, 2017

    Don’t Expect Suspensions on College Greek Life to Last: Experts

    It may have been common to look away from fraternities issues in the past, even deadly ones. But not anymore. This year alone, the deaths of four pledges in alcohol-related incidents and various hazing infractions have led to the closing down of some or all Greek life activities on several college campuses and the filing of criminal charges against more...

  • Nov 15, 2017

    Bush Groping Allegations Would Be Hard to Prosecute: Experts

    Allegations that former President George H.W. Bush inappropriately touched six women involve potential crimes punishable by fines or jail time, if they had been prosecuted. All but one of the cases is ineligible under state laws that limit when a prosecution can begin after an alleged crime, and several lawyers interviewed said that it would be difficult to win a...

  • Sep 29, 2017

    Farmers Say Maria Wrecked Bright Spot of Puerto Rico Economy

    For 21 years Hector Alejandro Santiago spread joy throughout Puerto Rico with the poinsettias, orchids and other ornamental plants he raised and sold to major retailers including Costco, Walmart and Home Depot. In a matter of hours Hurricane Maria wiped it away. The greenhouses and other buildings on the 40 acres where he grew the plants and prepared them for...

  • Jun 14, 2017

    Father of Dead Penn State Pledge: Some Frat Members ‘Laughed’ After Court Hearing

    The father of a Penn State University student who died after a bad fall at an alcohol-fueled fraternity event told NBC News that his family was “highly offended” by behavior from frat members facing charges in the boy’s death and an insensitive remark by a lawyer in the case. Jim Piazza, the father of the late Timothy Piazza, alleged that...

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