Pet adoption

  • Pet adoption Jun 18

    Suffering From Allergies? You Can Still Adopt a Cat

    About 11 percent of cats end up back in shelters because of allergies, according to the ASPCA. With 3.4 million cats in shelters across the country each year, that’s about 374,000 felines surrendered because of allergies. And that number doesn’t include cats dumped out on the street each day. There may be a lot of confusion, and misinformation, about what...

  • Pet adoption Jun 18

    What If It's Not Working Out With Your Shelter Pet?

    While there are many reasons why it might not work out with your shelter pet, shelters are always happy to take them back. And problems that seem insurmountable at first can be cleared up with a couple of tips from a shelter worker. “No doubt they’ve heard it before,” one animal behaviorist says.

  • Pet adoption Jun 17

    Want to Lose Weight and Stress Less? A Pet Can Help, Studies Find

    For centuries, humans have taken animal companions into their homes. But the utility of the animals goes beyond simple companionship. The evidence is increasingly clear that having a pet can lead to a longer, healthier life. Here are some of the ways a pet can help your health.

  • pets Jun 15

    The Perks of Adopting a Senior Pet

    Senior pets are adopted at lower rates than younger animals — but for many adopters, a senior pet may fit their lifestyle better.

  • Pet adoption Jun 15

    Best Paw Forward: Introducing Your Newly Adopted Pet to Your Others the Right Way

    You’re certainly not alone if you think that two pets are better than one, but bringing home a new pet doesn’t always go smoothly when there’s another animal already in the house. Introducing your new pet to resident pets that have already been in your life can be a tricky process, one that’s going to require some patience, according to...

  • Pet adoption Jun 10

    Adopting a Pet: What Shelters Want You to Know

    Sharing a home with a four-legged friend can be one of life’s greatest joys. But while pet ownership is rewarding, it’s also a big decision. Dogs require lots of time, money and responsibility — 10 to 15 years’ worth, in many cases. Dr. Pia Salk, author and spokeswoman for the non-profit pet adoption website, warns against taking home a...

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