• inspiring kids Oct 13

    Kid Starts Global Recycling Program and It's Working

    At the age of 3 Ryan Hickman visited a recycling center with his dad and it was decided—collecting bags and cans was his life’s purpose. Since then, Ryan has recycled over one million bottles and cans and started a non-profit which raises money for recycling awareness (AKA helping people figure out what piece of trash goes in what bin). “If...

  • drinking fountains Sep 10

    The Drinking Fountain Has a Long, Troubled History. Can It Survive Covid-19?

    The drinking fountain has a rich, troubling history and it has played an essential role in millions of people’s lives worldwide, providing access to a fundamental human right. But now, as we face a world where COVID-19 remains a danger, will the communal water fountain become a relic of times gone by?

  • PPE Jul 15

    E-Waste Innovator and Entrepreneur Eric Lundgren Is Turning His Focus to PPE

    Eric Lundgren has made the problem of electronic waste his life’s work – and even spent a year in jail for that mission. Now he’s turning his focus to the coronavirus crisis by importing and donating PPE as well as mobile emergency power trailers that use repurposed lithium ion batteries from old Teslas.

  • recycling Jun 29

    How Much Do We Really Know About Recycling?

    Only 8.4% of discarded plastic actually goes through the full recycling process to be transformed into other products. The rest ends up in landfills. So how are so many companies still touting their plastic products as recyclable? The New York Times explains.

  • San Gabriel Valley Feb 20

    4 to Watch: This Lottery Ticket Thief Went All In

    A lightning quick lottery ticket thief tried his luck twice, yanking Scratchers display cases from counters in bold heists that were caught on camera at two San Gabriel Valley businesses. That’s one of the stories we’re following today on NBCLA. Lottery Ticket Thief Tries His Luck in San Dimas Security cameras captured a lottery ticket thief as who tried...

  • recycling Feb 20

    If You've Found It Impossible to Recycle in California, You're Not the Only One

    Many Californians are having a tough time recycling bottles and cans and getting back deposits as hundreds of recycling centers shutter throughout the state — but something else is going on behind the scenes that is making it even worse.  Here’s how it’s supposed to work:  For every can and bottle you recycle, you get back a five or...

  • recycling Feb 20

    Having a Tough Time Recycling? This is Why

    As recycling centers shut down across the state, retailers who sell single-use beverages are supposed to take back the empties. But something else is going on. Lolita Lopez reports for the NBC4 News at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020. 

  • recycling Jan 31

    Bill Requiring Beverage Makers to Handle Recycling Dies

    A California state senator on Thursday ended his effort to pass a bill requiring beverage distributors to create a new system to take back their own containers, though advocates said they will keep pushing the issue this year. Democratic Sen. Bob Wieckowski of Fremont admitted defeat after his bill fell four votes short of the 21 it needed to clear…

  • recycling Jan 28

    Eleven Arrested on Suspicion of Recycling Fraud

    Eleven people have been arrested on suspicion of participating in a recycling fraud operation in Nevada, Arizona and California, including the operator of a Pacoima recycling center, officials said on Monday. The suspects are accused of smuggling out-of-state empty beverage containers into California to defraud the state’s Beverage Container Recycling Fund out of more than $2 million, according to Ken…

  • recycling Jan 15

    California May Require Beverage Makers to Handle Recycling

    California lawmakers are considering upending the state’s struggling bottle and can recycling program by requiring beverage distributors to create a new system to take back their own containers, similar to one that has been successful in neighboring Oregon.

  • recycling Dec 31, 2019

    Free Christmas Tree Recycling at Two Riverside County Landfills Until Saturday

    Riverside County Department of Waste Resources officials Monday reminded residents that two county landfills will accept discarded Christmas trees for recycling only until Saturday. The Badlands Landfill at 31125 Ironwood Ave. in Moreno Valley and the Lamb Canyon Landfill at 16411 Lamb Canyon Road in Beaumont will take trees for free until the end of the week, but after that,…

  • city of san diego Dec 31, 2019

    City Kicks Off Annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program

    Do you still have your Christmas tree? The city of San Diego will continue accepting trees for recycling through Jan. 23. The 46th Christmas Tree Recycling program for residential customers kicked off on Dec. 26 and program features 17 drop-off locations across the city. “Recycling these trees helps us reduce the amount of waste going into the Miramar Landfill and…

  • Holidays Dec 26, 2019

    How to Cut Down on Christmas Waste

    Christmas produces a lot of joy…and garbage. Americans produce 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to the EPA. Learn what should go into the recycle bin and what might be better suited for the landfill — or swapped out completely.

  • recycling Dec 10, 2019

    California Fines CVS $3.6 Million For Failing to Recycle

    California is fining the nation’s largest pharmacy health care provider a record $3.6 million for failing to redeem deposits on bottles and cans at some of its locations, regulators said Monday. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, better known as CalRecycle, said its investigation found that 81 of CVS Pharmacy’s 848 retail stores in California refused to redeem…

  • recycling Nov 2, 2019

    Cash in the Can: California's Recycling Run-Around

    They paid their CRV deposits, but now can’t easily get their money back. Bay Area families told us they can’t turn in their recyclable cans and bottles anymore, and they’re missing out of hundreds of millions of dollars combined. NBC Bay Area Consumer Investigator Chris Chmura reports.

  • California Feb 28, 2019

    Californians Lose Millions of Dollars in Recycling Deposits

    California consumers lost out on at least $308 million in nickel deposits on cans and bottles in 2018, largely because it’s increasingly difficult to find a place to recycle them, according to a new report made public Thursday.

  • California Apr 20, 2018

    5 Indicted in Alleged $80 Million California Recycling Fraud

    California has charged five people with defrauding the state’s recycling program out of $80.3 million — the largest alleged fraud scheme in the program’s history, officials said Thursday.

  • Hollywood Jun 22, 2017

    Sanitation Workers Hand Out ‘Toilet to Tap' Water

    Orange County Sanitation workers believe they’ve perfected the ‘toilet to tap’ recycling process and they brought bottled samples to Hollywood to have people try it out on Wedneday, June 21, 2017.

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