• America's Got Talent Aug 11

    ‘America's Got Talent' Goes Live Without Simon Cowell

    “America’s Got Talent” is going to be without Simon Cowell as its live shows get underway tonight. The show will go on without Cowell and without an audience as the acts perform in various locations on the back lot at Universal Studios and its adjacent theme park in Hollywood, after Cowell broke his back from a fall off an electric...

  • Simon Cowell Aug 11

    Simon Cowell Speaks Out After Breaking His Back in Bike Accident

    The “America’s Got Talent” judge took to social media on Sunday, Aug. 9, to share a message with fans following a scary bike accident over the weekend. “Some good advice…If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time,” the 60-year-old star tweeted. “I have broken part of my back. Thank you...

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