• Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    How the Japanese Friendship Garden Ties California to Japan

    San Diego’s Japanese Friendship Garden (“JFG”) is an expression of friendship between San Diego and its sister city, Yokohama. “California Live’s” Amber Pfister walks through the immersive experience of the two cultures coming together. Watch to see how JFG’s design is based on ancient Japanese techniques adapted to San Diego’s climate.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    A Look Ahead Into LA's 2028 Olympics

    With the Tokyo Olympics just hours away, “California Live’s” Danielle Nottingham and Jess Vilchis nod to the future from the new SoFi Stadium—venue for the LA 2028 Olympics. We meet with former Olympic swimmer and “Chief Athlete Officer,” Janet Evans, to hear how she’s creating an inclusive environment for LA’s 2028 Olympic athletes. Plus, meet Paralympian Ezra Frech to hear...

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    Surprising Facts About Japanese Whisky Production

    While Japanese whisky aligns closely with Japanese culture and history, it pulls from roots around the world. “California Live’s” Malou Nubla visits Niku Steakhouse in the Bay Area to taste the many different flavors of Japanese whisky. Like Scotch, Japanese whisky relies heavily on malted barley. Watch to learn more interesting whisky production and drinking facts.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    What Japanese Chopsticks Are Really Used For

    One of the biggest misconceptions about Japanese cuisine is that sushi is an everyday food, when in fact the dietary staples in Japan expand far beyond fish and rice. “California Live’s” Danielle Nottingham meets with Japanese food ambassador Tomoko Imade Dyen to understand Japanese dining customs, from presentation and ingredients to cooking tools.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    4 New Olympic Sports: What You Need to Know

    The long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games come with thrilling new sports sure to keep you entertained. Sport climbing, surfing, skating, and karate will grace the Olympic stage. “California Live’s” Amber Pfister meets with a pro from each of the new categories to understand that sport, how it’s scored, and what you need to do to win Olympic gold.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    Meet the Father of Modern Taiko Drumming

    Taiko drumming plays an important role in festivals across Japan. They are also used to accompany religious ritual music, dancing, and more performances. ”California Live’s” Ross Thomas meets the grandmaster Seiichi Tanaka in San Francisco to learn the ancient practice of Japanese percussion.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics 20 hours ago

    Top Olympic Athletes to Watch According to Olympic Veteran

    NBC LA’s sports anchor Fred Roggin, also known as “Mr. Olympian,” has been to every Olympic game since 1980. “California Live’s” Jess Vilchis and Roggin sit down to talk about the top Olympic athletes to watch in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Plus, Roggin shares the California’s sleeper athletes to keep an eye on.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Jul 22

    Greg Louganis on Competing as a Gay Olympian

    “California Live” sits down with professional diver and Olympic gold medal winner Greg Louganis for an intimate conversation. Now as an LGBTQ activist, Louganis looks back on the 80s and shares how he was treated as a gay professional athlete and Olympic icon.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Jul 12

    Olympic Star Rose Lavelle on Why Self-Love Trumps Winning

    With just two weeks left until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, “California Live” gets into the competitive spirit with soccer star Rose Lavelle from the USA team. We hear about how Lavelle earned her way onto the Olympic team and how she is teaching young kids to find their worth.

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Jul 9

    Who Wins Ross and Malou's Olympic Fencing Competition?

    The ancient art of fencing will take stage at this summer’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics just weeks away. “California Live” meets fencing legend and coach for Team USA Greg Massialas to understand the history of the sport, how it’s scored, and a few crucial moves tested out in a duel. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics begin July 23rd on NBC.

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