• California Jun 27, 2019

    Museum Opening in Hollywood Plans to Combat Cannabis Stigma

    A new museum is blowing into Hollywood. The Weedmaps Museum of Weed, curated by the company Weedmaps, aims to combat the stigma associated with marijuana use and bring awareness to cannabis prohibition and racially motivated polices regarding the hemp. The museum will be open to the public on August 3, 2019 and close on September 29, 2019.

  • NBC News Nov 21, 2018

    Proud Boys Group Called Extremist in Newly Released FBI Files

    The FBI has branded the Proud Boys, a far-right group of self-proclaimed “western chauvinists,” as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism,” NBC News reported. The designation comes from internal law enforcement documents revealed in an internal affairs report by a Washington state sheriffs department obtained by watchdog group Property of the People. It also says a sister organization...

  • The Times Jan 2, 2018

    Vice Suspends 2 Top Executives After Sexual Misconduct Report

    Vice has suspended two top executives after a New York Times report on sexual misconduct at the digital media company. Vice Media has suspended its president, Andrew Creighton, and chief digital officer Mike Germano, as it investigates allegations against them, according to a company memo sent to employees Tuesday. A Vice spokesman declined to comment. The Times had reported in...

  • New York Times Dec 24, 2017

    Vice Media Apologizes for Workplace That Fostered Sexual Harassment

    The founders of Vice Media admitted to having “failed as a company to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone, especially women, can feel respected and thrive” after a New York Times investigation published Saturday revealed allegations of sexual harassment and a toxic work environment. The report said three Vice employees received settlements after they made allegations of sexual...

  • Los Angeles Jun 16, 2016

    SoCal Band Wins ‘David vs. Goliath' Battle Against Media Giant

    A tiny Los Angeles indie band fought media giant Vice in a trademark battle and won.

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