• freaky Nov 12, 2020

    ‘Freaky' Flips the Script on the Typical Body Swap Story

    The pitch for “Freaky” probably involved something like, “it’s a mashup of ‘Freaky Friday’ and “Friday the 13th” with a little bit of “The Hot Chick.” And when you see it, you’ll know that’s not far off the mark. Through a mystical force, a murderous masked psychopath dubbed the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) swaps bodies with awkward teen mascot...

  • freaky Nov 12, 2020

    It's Giddy. It's Gory. It's ‘Freaky'

    NBC LA entertainment reporter Heather Brooker sat down with the cast of “Freaky” to talk about how this Blumhouse horror flick balances comedy and a body swap. It stars Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton and will be released on Friday the 13.

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