100 Free ShackBurgers: West Hollywood Giveaway

The savory chain is celebrating a Boston opening by giving away early-in-the-day burgers to the first 100 customers.

There are just under 3,000 miles separating the Shake Shack in West Hollywood and the burger chain's newest shop, but you won't need to venture to Boston to be a part of the opening.

The company, which was founded in New York City's Madison Square Park in 2004, is fêting its 100th Shake Shack by going beyond the shop's Boston Seaport location. Well beyond, in fact, for every Shake Shack, except those located at stadiums, will be handing out one hundred free ShackBurgers on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

As in, the number 1 followed by two zeroes. As in, an impressive amount of meatage and bunage and the other goodies that make up the whole shebang. 

The deal is as follows: You'll need to be among the first 100 people at the West Hollywood Shake Shack on Aug. 16 to score your burger (and, yep, this is a one-burger-per-person deal, so tell your pals they'll need to queue up alongside you if they want their own). 

The hours are 10:30 a.m. to noon, which means that you very well could be eating the burger at an hour some people do breakfast, but burgers for breakfast are a long and hallowed tradition for many lovers of hearty, savory foodstuffs. 

What goes into a ShakeShack? There's the extra soft Martin's Potato Roll, the ShackSauce, the Angus beef burgers (antibiotic-free, by the by), cheese, lettuce, and tomato. 

Breakfast on a Tuesday, indeed.

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Do note that "long lines" are expected at every ShakeShack in the nation, so arrive ready to make friends. Perhaps you can marvel, with your new pals, how what began as a hot dog cart at a NYC park flowered into 100 locations around the country.

Clearly it is good eating morning, noon, or night, or in the case of Tuesday, Aug. 16, 10:30 to noon, exactly.

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