100+ STEAM-Smart Events to Fill Pasadena's Connect Week

The mind-growing, innovation-focused festival has STEAM-tastic to-dos for both kids and adults.

What to Know

  • Oct. 20 through 28, 2018
  • Multiple locations around Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley
  • Robotics, astronomy, tech crawls, programming, virtual reality, video games...

Steam? You'll see it in the kitchen, if you're boiling water for mac 'n cheese, or you're running an especially toasty bath.

STEAM? It exists in everything we humans do, and everything beyond our human existence, too, thanks to its all-encompassing nature and ability to weave through every action and object in existence.

But how to delve further into the world of STEAM-tastic to-dos and discover the ecstatic-making joys of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics?

Finding fun outings for both curious youngsters and knowledge-hungry grown-ups can seem as challenging as holding onto a handful of steam as it disperses above your mac 'n cheese pot. 

Thank goodness Innovate Pasadena's annual Connect Week is here.

The multi-event happening delivers smart, hands-on opportunities for the public in a variety of fields and disciplines.

So, no, you don't have to be a CalTech student to attend, though, by all means, CalTech students, and all students, and all scientists and engineers and mathematicians and artists, are heartily invited.

As is everyone who loves learning, adventure, and what makes our world/universe tick.

Over 45,000 participants are expected at over 100 innovation-focused events, events that include "seminars, tech crawls, interactive happenigns, AI, virtual reality, robotics, programming," and oodles more.

The nine-day spectacular, which runs from Oct. 20 through 28, 2018, includes the NASA Space Apps Challenge, an intro to 3D printing, a steampunk soirée, a robot open build, Garage Band for grades 2-6, tech-fascinating open houses, arcade nights, and forest adventures, too.

The Arboretum, Kidspace Children's Museum, ArtCenter College of Design, the Pasadena Public Library, and several other locations around the area are involved.

It's big, and while we would call it "moon big" or even "continent big," for surely a mathematician would rightly take us to task on our calculations, you can bet that science-loving, art-obsessed, education-seeking Southern Californians will be out, by the thousands, soaking up Connect Week goodness, for nine noggin-growing days.

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