101 Coffee Shop Favorites Are Brewing at Little Dom's

The beloved coffee shop recently shuttered due to the pandemic, but the owners are saluting it, through some classic dishes, at a nearby pop-up.

101 Coffee Shop

What to Know

  • Little Dom's will feature a number of 101 Coffee Shop favorites, available for takeout or delivery
  • Jan. 26-Feb. 7, 2021
  • The breakfast burrito will be available during the first week, while corn beef hash is on the pop-up menu during the second week

In our dining-delightful, restaurant-robust region, "goodbye" is, quite often, "see you later."

At least in terms of restaurants closing and then returning, in other spots, for special reasons, for a limited amount of time.

That doesn't always happen, of course, and getting one's hopes up isn't always the advisable course of action.

But aficionados of the 101 Coffee Shop are being dealt a ray of sunshine as January ends, and February begins, courtesy of Little Dom's.

For the recently shuttered Hollywood diner, a beloved bastion of big breakfasts and throwback vibes, is going to guest star, over a couple of weeks, at the cozy Los Feliz go-to for pizzas, pastas, and more.

Warner Ebbink and Brandon Boudet, the owners of Little Dom's, wanted to do something special for the disappointed devotees of the 101 Coffee Shop, which they also owned.

And that "something special"?

Look for a series of classic 101 Coffee Shop dishes to flavorfully fill out a fortnight at Little Dom's, with some plates popping up over the first week and some taking the spotlight during the second week.

Pick-up will be available, as well as delivery through DoorDash and Caviar.

Some 101-derful highlights from the brief-but-welcome menu?

Fried chicken, complete with green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy, will guest star on the week #1 roster, while meatloaf, also with the same savory sides, will show up over the course of week two.

And yum, yum, and yum: The 101 Coffee Shop's Waffle Brownie Sundae will be available the whole darn-tootin', ice cream-lovin' time.

And that time? It all begins on Tuesday, Jan. 26, and bids us adieu on Sunday, Feb. 7.

Nope, an entire 101 Coffee Shop couldn't be crammed inside snug Little Dom's.

But the spirit of the former can visit the latter through a variety of quintessential dishes, which we'll be able to enjoy as the first month of 2021 makes way for the second.

For more information on what foodstuffs will be available during week one and week two of the run, be sure to follow Little Dom's social pages over the coming weeks.

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