10Below Rolls Ice-Creamily into Little Tokyo

The NYC sweet shop opens its West Coast flagship on the last Saturday in April.

What to Know

  • Saturday, April 28
  • 232 E. 2nd Street
  • "Freebies and specials" are on during the grand opening week, from April 30 through May 4

Not to be cold, or even brrr-ish, or especially icy, but frosty facts are frosty facts: Ice cream devotees will take their favorite treat in any form it happens to assume.

Between two cookies? Cool. Scooped and placed in a sugar cone? Aces.

Devoured straight from the carton, a slightly furry container that has been at the back of the freezer for a month?

We've all wielded that particular spoon.

But rolled ice cream, as in a treat that's curled up much like a sweet layer of sod or an especially lickable carpet, still remains quite novel, and delightfully new, even though it has been popping up, deliciously, in recent months around town.

Nope: It tastes neither of sod nor carpet but of all the nummy flavors our confection-craving tongues so regularly seek.

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And the newest purveyor of rolled-ice-cream-iana is rolling for Little Tokyo, where the West Coast flagship of 10Below Ice Cream will debut on Saturday, April 28.

The New York treatery, which can claim to be a "dessert viral sensation" on its creamy resume, will bring free ice cream to its brand-new LA fans throughout its opening weekend, as well as "freebies and specials" during its opening week, which is on from April 30 through May 4. 

What flavors can seekers of free rolled ice cream expect on April 28 and 29? Cookie Monster and S'mores Galore will be on tap, er, scoop.

And those scoops are all-natural, eschewing "artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, and stabilizers." Yes, eschewing, which is different from chewing, which you may do with your ice cream, though licking may be preferable.

It's up to you, of course.

The NYC shop, which began in 2015, has taken the 'gram by sweet storm, and may just do the same here in Southern California, one camera click at a time.

Ready for Monkey Business — that's Nutella and banana — or Matcha Made in Heaven — green tea and strawberries — presented in an eye-catching roll?

Be at 232 E. 2nd Street, beginning on April 28, and prepare to go 10Below.

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