200+ Makers Will Pop up at Patchwork in Santa Ana

Now's the time to fill up the box labelled "Family Gifts" at this handmade happening.

What to Know

  • Downtown Santa Ana
  • Sunday, Dec. 1
  • Free

Thanksgiving dinner can operate on so many levels, and we're not just talking about how this magical meal can handily deliver all the gravy you desire in one heaping ladle.

It can also allow you to peek into the lives of the people you know, from your cousin to your neighbor to your co-worker to your mom. After all, sitting at a big supper for an hour or two or three means that conversation has a way of going to some strange and wonderful places.

Fingers crossed that you learned what your loved ones want this season as you broke bread, or rather scooped mashed potatoes, together.

And if you have a line into what they like, you can take that important intel straight to Downtown Santa Ana on Sunday, Dec. 1.

For Patchwork Show: Modern Makers Festival will be there, all day long, meaning you can shop for jewelry, kitchen goods, paper crafts, sassy hats, mirthful magnets, interesting wearables, and interesting everything-else-ables from the talented people who made them. 

Cost to enter? Oh hey: It's free.

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How often do we get to use that word around the holidays? Answer: Not nearly often enough.

And if you find yourself in a DIY mood, there's tons to jump into and learn, from the chance to pour mini acrylic magnets to the chance to create your own lemon sugar scrub.

The list is lengthy, and you could really pick up a number of new skills, or at least things that will pique your interest, if you spend the day DIY-ing.

For more on this superb market, and why it is a fab place to find gifts, click.

So you say you didn't find out what everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner wants this year? No worries: Patchwork has plenty to browse, and coming across items that bring the people you know to mind is probably definitely going to happen.

And "probably definitely" works for us, especially when entry is free, free, free.

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