2,021 Connected Hula Hoops Fill a Unity-Themed Exhibit

Artist Kengo Kito's highly visual message of unity is on view at JAPAN HOUSE in Hollywood; look also for a display about Tokyo 2020.

Japan House Los Angeles

What to Know

  • JAPAN HOUSE in Hollywood, 6801 Hollywood Boulevard
  • Through Sept. 6, 2021; free admission
  • The exhibit also includes a section devoted to Tokyo 2020

The theme of "reconnecting" has been strong, sweet, and most definitely emotional as the summer of 2021 rolls out.

For many people, revisiting an old friend after months of pandemic-related separation resulted in a poignant and soul-deep reunion, a re-coming-together that cemented the bonds that formed the friendship in the first place.

But reconnecting on a much larger level, with unity in mind and at heart, is also happening. And that's just the focus that Japanese artist Kengo Kito has taken on with his inaugural U.S. exhibition, which is now on view at Japan House in Hollywood.

The inventive visionary assembled 2,021 hula hoops, in hues of red, blue, yellow, pink, orange, and green, in one colossal and connected swirl of color. The name of the uplifting and aspirational artwork? "RECONNECTING: A Vision of Unity by Kengo Kito."

It's an out-sized installation that is both incredibly pleasing to the eye and moving to the mind, when the viewer ponders the piece's message: "Now is the time to heal and reconnect and find understanding."

“Hula hoops have always been interesting materials for me to work with, as they are universal objects used around the world by both children and adults. They are not only circles but also lines and it’s possible to keep connecting them infinitely,” said Kito.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, the connections between people have been disrupted and weakened. In my work with JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, I want to create a visual expression of the idea that our world is made up of 'connections,'" continued Kito.

"This installation represents the hope that people will find ways to reconnect with each other once again. Realizing this hula hoop exhibition remotely from Japan has offered me new challenges as an artist and encouraged me to reimagine distance and connection in this new age."

The display, which is presented in two parts, also includes an area devoted to Tokyo 2020.

Admission to "RECONNECTING: A Vision of Unity by Kengo Kito" is free and walk-ins are welcome.

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