3,000 Hand-Carved Pumpkins to Glow in Pomona

Fairplex will take on a delightfully frightful light, thanks to "Pumpkin Nights," a multi-week, after-dark festivity.

What to Know

  • Oct. 12 through Nov. 4, 2018
  • Fairplex in Pomona
  • $20 general (13-59); $16 little and senior

Counting out 3,000 of anything takes a bit of time, as anyone knows. 

After all, it is a large number, and sleeving 3,000 pennies to take to the bank, or making sure you hit 3,000 steps at lunchtime, is an endeavor that is definitely not on the smaller side.

Imagine, then, how an illuminated display of 3,000 pumpkins, all hand-carved, might appear on an atmospheric autumn evening.

That's a good amount of gourdage, any way you scoop it, and to encounter such a sight by night would likely go in the "I'll remember this for a long time" column of life.

You won't have to merely imagine such a Halloween-y presentation, however, for such a dazzling line-up of smiling squashes is soon to be a reality in Pomona.

The festivity, which will happen after sundown, natch, is flickering at Fairplex, and over several nights, too, giving you ample chance to commune with these gleeful gourds.

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Name? Pumpkin Nights.

The price? A general ticket is $20, while a ticket for younger tots and seniors is $16.

The dates? If you seed to be there on opening night — er, "need" to be there, we do mean — get your ticket for Friday, Oct. 12.

The whimsical designs, which all created from pumpkins and, yes, funkins? A "40-foot-long dragon" is one character you'll spy on your stroll, and a "ghostly pirate ship" is set to make a cameo, too. 

A funkin? That's a faux pumpkin, which means that it won't go all gloopy in short order, after being carved, as some off-the-vine pumpkins are known to charmingly do.

If you'd like to push your visit into early November, that's cool, as Pumpkin Nights shimmers through to Nov. 4, 2018.

Well, perhaps not "cool" but warm, like a flame on a candle inside a pumpkin.

For photos, tickets, and more, put down that lil' plastic scooper for two secs and make your way to the Pumpkin Nights site now.

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