30,000 Deep Dish Pizzas: BJ’s + DoorDash Giveaway

Want a mini cheese or pepperoni delivered for free on April 5? There's a code for that.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse/DoorDash

What to Know

  • Thursday, April 5
  • DEEPDISH is the code at DoorDash checkout
  • Read up on terms, info, and conditions

While you can visit most stationery stores and purchase a calendar that features a bevy of national food holidays, you can't yet, as of this typing, find a calendar that features those incredibly important occasions that solely relate to pizza.

But, let's be straightforward here, no sauce, no toppings, no cheese: Such a calendar is very much needed nowadays, when a new and delicious pizza holiday seems to pop up every other week.

And the next one is just ahead, so break out your favorite bib, your already-marinara'd t-shirt, and your love of free things that appear, like magic, at your front door: Thursday, April 5 is National Deep Dish Pizza Day, and BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse and DoorDash are teaming up on a tasty giveaway.

Before you tie that bib on and find your favorite sauce-dotted top, note this: There are "terms and conditions" related to this promotion, so read up before you order your goodie on April 5.

And that goodie? It's a mini cheese or pepperoni deep dish pizza, from BJ's, delivered by DoorDash, for free, as in F-R-E-E, to your door, when you use the code DEEPDISH at DoorDash checkout.

Have you looked at the terms and conditions yet? No? We'll wait.

One note: If you happen to see a "$10 subtotal requirement" on DoorDash, that's in reference to a "free week of delivery" deal that runs from April 6 through 10 with BJ's.

The April 5 giveaway "... is indeed free," states a representative. 

Is your city on the list? Several Southern California neighborhoods are, so best eye the roster now to see if your spot is in the deep dish delivery zone.

And a very Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day to you. What pizza-themed holiday will come up next? Pineapple and extra cheddar pizza day? Red onion and kalamata onion pizza day?

We're telling you, we need those specialized pizza-only calendars stat.

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