31st of the Month, $1.31 Baskin-Robbins Scoops

The famous ice-creamery is launching the money-saver, tongue-cooler of a promotion.

There are numerous nostalgia prompts in our grown-up lives: front lawn sprinklers, bells on bikes, roller skates, and a thousand more.

But perhaps the biggest prompt of all is ice cream, and how we daydreamed about it when we were kids, and how we dug around the couch or our piggy bank to find the change needed for a scoop down at the corner shop.

Are your digging-for-change skills still in order? Because it is about to feel like a summer day from your childhood. That day is Thursday, July 31, and the "31" should be a clue to where we're headed with this (though "Baskin-Robbins" up above is another pretty obvious hint). 

On July 31 -- and Aug. 31 and Oct. 31 and Dec. 31 -- the "world's biggest ice cream chain" will offer regular scoops for four quarters, three dimes, and a penny (or whatever combo of coins or coins plus a bill you bring in). Yep: Get a scoop for $1.31.

You know that Baskin-Robbins began in Glendale, yes? Surely you've unleashed your 31 Flavors knowledge over a cone or two, in your time.

The chain is opening its "Celebrate 31" program, a promotion that'll run at Los Angeles-area Baskin-Robbins stores through the remainder of the year, but, note, only on days that happen to be the 31st of the month.

July 31st should be toasty, and Aug. 31, too, but are you ready for a 4-ounce scoop of S'more the Merrier on Halloween and New Year's Eve? Of course you are: Holidays and fun-eating are ol' pals.

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Summery flavors are ruling at the moment -- the s'mores one is indeed a seasonal treat -- so look for State Fair Fried Dough and Peanut Butter and Jelly, too.

Yep, those definitely are nostalgia-makers, like finding some coins for a scoop of ice cream. Have you had your dose of old-school summer sweetness yet? Want it, without spending a bundle, or even two bucks? Circle the 31st on your calendars, mavens of cold, sweet treats.

Are September and November a little blue they're not included? Being only thirty days each?

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