Petersen Automotive Museum

'32 Ford Fans Hope to Break a Big Record

The Petersen Automotive Museum hopes to host the "largest gathering" of the vintage cars in the region.

Petersen Automotive Museum
  • The Deuce Day Cruise-In will happen on Sunday, June 12 at 9 a.m. at the Petersen Automotive Museum
  • A show vehicle ticket is $35 while a spectator ticket is $17; both include museum admission as well as complimentary drinks and bites
  • A Deuce Gala on June 11 will honor musician Billy F. Gibbons

Cars may be known for rolling along asphalt, but on inspiring occasion? They easily leapfrog over their competitors, making an assortment of amazing advancements to move to the head of the pack.

The 1932 Ford, with its famous V8-powered engine, was one of those industry-changing vehicles, a powerful roadster that has become a true dream machine for many collectors.

Fans may make occasional sightings of this charismatic car here and there, but finding several in one spot?

You'd have to be very lucky, one imagines, or know where to go to find a bevy of Deuces lined up in a photogenic row.

And if you vroom-vroom to the Miracle Mile on Sunday, June 12, you will find a gleaming gathering of stylish '32s Fords, all in one place, and that place?

No surprises here: It's the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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The museum's team, in fact, wants to go for a local record at the Deuce Day Cruise-in, and the goal is as good as a hot rod is cool: They'd like to host "the largest gathering" ever of '32 Fords in Southern California.

The reason behind this go-big bash? It's the 90th anniversary of this oh-so-American icon, an important occasion on any hot road maven's calendar.

There are two ways to attend: By showing with your Deuce or another hot rod or custom car (that's $35) or joining the fun as a spectator (those tickets are $17 each).

Both of those options include free bites and beverages, as well as museum admission.

There are more Deuce-y delights revving at the world-class car destination, including a Deuce Gala, honoring Billy F. Gibbons, on June 11.

The celebrated musician will perform at the party, an event that will also feature a buffet, auction, and early peek at a new '32 Ford-themed exhibition.

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