56-Cent Hot Dogs: Wienerschnitzel Turns 56

Snag a mustard hot dog or chili hot dog for a handful of change.

Perhaps you're already planning your long-desired trip to the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Dog Nationals, which'll dash, with Dachshund-y aplomb, around a few California cities later in July 2017. 

And perhaps you're already thinking of which pooch you might root for, and how you'll cheer on this lil' pup on as they gamely trot for glory and snacks.

But your Wienerschnitzel-focused planning has an earlier date, one that involves the restaurants rather than the dog races that have become synonymous with the Golden State-born chain over the years.

That date is coming up, on Tuesday, July 11, which just happens to be the birthday of the company founded by John Galardi. Mr. Galardi opened the first Wienerschnitzel in Wilmington, California on July 11, 1961, and the hot-doggery honors that date each year with a special.

In 2017 that means 56-cent hot dogs for customers, with a limit of ten per person. Your choice? You can get a classic mustard-style topper with French's mustard or a hot dog with chili.

There are some extras to keep in mind, like you'll want a few extra coins for tax. And if you want cheese with that chili? That'll be an additional fee, too.

If there's a classic A-frame in your neighborhood, just swing by and see if that location is participating in the July 11 celebration (a queue around the building is probably a pretty solid indication that the location is on board). 

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And while we're at the A-frame part of the Wienerschnitzel story, has it not become a structural staple of roadside fast-food-iana over the decades? It's instantly spyable, down a long, asphalt stretch, even if you don't see the red W at first.

For the asterisks, and locations, on the July 11 56-cent hot dog deal, trot as fast as your favorite Dachshund to the Wienerschnitzel online A-frame now.

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