70 Tons of Snow Expected in Studio City

The Sunday afternoon party'll bring a dose of traditional winter to the typically sunshiny spot.

Obviously there's been snow in Studio City before, and lots of it. After all, the city's sound stages have famously played home to a television version of Minneapolis (hello, "The Mary Tyler Moore" show) and New York City (hey there, "Seinfeld") and Pawnee, Indiana (high five, "Parks and Recreation").

Those are all chilly locales, including fictional Pawnee, but for the actual Studio City, a place renown for abiding sunshine and overall pleasantness, to receive the fluffy cold white stuff requires an extraordinary event.

Just such a magical event will arrive in the form of the Winter Family Festival, a yearly community to-do that is all about music, seasonal sweetness, and a whole bunch of snow.

Some 70 tons of snow, in fact, which is less than New York City or Minneapolis or even Pawnee might receive over a wintry day, but is, in fact, a heck of a lot for Beeman Park.

That snow will be played with in all sorts of sweet ways on Sunday, Dec. 11. Snowball fights and the making of snow people and the reveling in the unusual and welcome sight is at the top of the schedule for the free afternoon-long celebration.

Well, not quite at the top. The sweet, help-each-other-out day also serves as a food drive, and clothing drive, too, so be sure show with wearables to donate, and canned edibles, as well as "boxes of books, toys, and pet items" (some of the goods that were donated last year). 

And "free samples from local restaurants," places like Chin Chin and Pizza Rev, will keep those frolicking in the snow well-snacked.

So how to get to Beeman Park, or the Studio City Recreation Center, if that's what you prefer to call it? Lookie here: There's parking, and a shuttle to catch, at no less than CBS Studio Center.

You're right: That's the very place that has seen so many "snowy" days over the decades, on a host of series set in far brisker climes.

Kind of perfect, right? The chance to await your shuttle to play in the snow at the very location where some of TV's best-known snow cities were caught on film before a live studio audience?

Bundle up, but not too much: The actual, in-Studio-City, and-not-on-TV high will hover in the low 70s on Dec. 11.

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